Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eskimo Cutie Plus Size costume from

It sure has been cold here in my city lately. Just a week ago it was Christmas. I thought to celebrate by getting into the cutest sexy costume I ever did see... The Eskimo Cutie Plus Size costume by

(Note, does not come with a petticoat. you can get that seperate. Look under accessories, and in the left hand colume scroll down until you hit the p's. It should be there.)

This is a really cute costume. It has 5 pieces: The boot covers, the chocolate "Popsicle", the dress and the mittens. Four if you wish to count the boot covers a a single piece, though they are two separate pieces.

The dress is well made, and after a few weeks of wearing it I haven't noticed anything wrong with it. No fraying or anything.

The dress itself is crushed velvet with a zipper on front that comes to about ( my) belly button level( may be different for tall peoples, I'm 5' 2"), with long sleeves , an attached hood with braided strings ending in faux fur pom poms, and an attached skirt. The skirt part comes to just a few inches above my knees. The attached hood has faux-fur trim and the hem on the skirt is also sporting faux fur. The sleeves are about to my wrist and are faux fur trimmed too.

The "Popsicle" is really cute. The top is stuffed, with a plastic stick on the bottom covered in cloth material. The top is chocolate colored cloth material and is loosely triangle shape. Like a real chocolate popsicle would look like, except no mess here..

And finally, the boot covers and mittens... I have to admit, I've used the mittens separately from the rest of the costume. But only because they are so soft and so warm. Big sized mittens, with a moderate amount finger space. The mittens are not fingered, meaning they have no individual finger spots but a big open finger thing, a little like flippers, but not quite.

The boot covers are big, because they are made to be worn on top of boots. They have "lacing" that runs down the cover from the top to the ankle and they have a little tie in the back of the calf area near the top. Boot covers run from knee to ankle. They have faux fur on the top of the boot cover.

So, if you are looking for sexy christmas costumes or regular costumes , check out

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shunga Massage Candle from Edenfantasys

When I got the Shunga Massage Candle from, I was very surprised...

First of all, I love candles and this one is no excuse. I love this candle for its pleasant smell and for its massage qualities. I do wish it was slightly bigger though. Its about the size of my palm, and about 2 in. high and 3 and a quarter in. across...

The ingredients in the candle are:

Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Coco Nucifera Oil, Fragrance, Prunus Dulcis Oil, Carthamus Tinctorius Oil, Persa Americana Oil, Sesamum Indicum Oil, Vitis Vinifera Oil, Tocopherol.

As you can see the only thing that is not an oil is the Tocopherol, which I think is a vitamin ( here is the wikipedia info on it).

Massage is a great way for couples to get to "know" each other better. Sweet massages in the moonlight. Or, if you are like me and have Cerebal Palsy, you use the warmth to soothe your aching feet and calves. This particular candle is called "Erotic Fruits-Libido".

I just have one problem with this item, the smell can be overpowering. Other than that, I absolutely love it.

I didn't notice anything wrong with the soybean "wax" except that it might be greasy, but I am not sure.

Another great Product from

This would be under massage candles. Or Aromatherapy candles

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

winner of the sweet moments prize pack from pilsbury and myblogspark

the winner is carolyn. conratulations.

thanks to everyone who entered. Please look at my other giveaways.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

EdenFantasys: Duck, Bondage Duck... Agent Double Oh "O"

Hello.... Hello... Is anyone there...

My name is Duck, Bondage Duck ( Bondage Duckie to my women). I am agent Double Oh "O" and I am on a mission to Make Women everywhere feel better... I am trying to thwart my arch-Nemesis, Payne and Sore-nessia. And I am accomplishing it with my powerful , but slightly quiet vibrating body.

( The Author {Me:))} walks in to find her duckie typing furiously on her computer.


"C'mon, I was telling these lovely ladies and gentlemen about..."

NO!! GET OFF MY COMPUTER.. DO NOT MAKE ME USE YOUR TINY HANDCUFFS ON YOU.. AGAIN.. This is the hundredth time you have tried to... ugh... never-mind, just go..."

Bondage Duckie leaves and I sit down...

Sorry folks, he thinks of himself the secret agent, I knew all those James Bond movies weren't good for him. Anyways onto what you really wanted to read about....

The Bondage Duckie from A unique and fun item for any gal ( or guy!) to have. The duckie can be used in a number of ways, Some nice, and some naughty. Waterproof and float-able ( though I have not tried it myself yet). All you have to do to turn him on is press his back very firmly. If you want to use it as a ehem...massager, be warned. It is a little hard to hold onto because of the intense vibrations. Although that might be a good thing...

The cutest rubber duckie I've ever seen. He is wearing a corset, has a tattoo that says "I Rub My Duckie" and he is sporting a spiked collar. Did I mention he is wearing a ball gag?

I will give this toy about a 10 for the vibration level. It is an all purpose massager, so you can use it anywhere. The handcuffs really work, too!

Innocent enough to sit on you desk or mantle, or next to your tub. And with an Oh-So-Adorable look on his face just too cute to resist. Big Tease Toys makes this product.

According to Big Tease Toys website there "Contains no: Latex, Natural Rubbers, Phthalates or Toxic Heavy Metals like Cadmium and Lead".

An Adult Toy from

I think everyone should have one. You can get it at Just look under discreet vibrators.

As I finish my last thoughts, I get up to walk out the door. I turn around and see my duckie sitting on the stand looking at me with his beautiful blue eyes.

"What do you want" I ask him. "OH nothing" he replies," You just have a cramp in your calf". I knew he would spot something like that. "And this means what to you?". I say as I sit back down. He comes over and puts his beak up against my calf. "I could... You know. Fix it for you". "I know you can. Would you?" "SORE-NESSIA AND PAYNE, HERE I COME TO DEFEAT YOU, FOR I AM DUCKIE, BONDAGE DUCKIE, AGENT DOUBLE OH "O". HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAH........


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Evoraplus And EvoraKids Review

I contacted Oreganics (Makers of EvoraPlus and Evorakids) a while ago and asked them if i could do a review on a few of their items. I received EvoraPlus and EvoraKids in 60 mints a box. The Adult tablets don't really have a taste except for a slight minty taste and the kids are a bit stronger in flavor and they taste like Wild Very Cherry Berry.

"Finally! A product that not only tastes GREAT, but can also reach where toothbrushes and floss can’t... for brighter, happier smiles!"

EvoraKids first.......

These are really neat because they are made with probiotics that "effectively compete with certain harmful bacteria for both nutrients and space on tooth surfaces". says Dr. Jeffery Hillman, D.M.D. Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer
of Oraganics Inc."
( In the letter I received from the company is where I got this Quote from. It is related to EvoraKids)

I was really surprised at the taste. I thought the taste would be less appealing than it is. I gave these to my daughter and she loved them. Thought they were the neatest thing ever. I had to keep reminding her they weren't candy, they were to help her teeth. The tablets also helped brighten her smile, and made her teeth nice. These tablets are chewable.

Now on to EvoraPlus....

"Developed by Oraganics Chief Scientific Officer Dr Jeffery Hillman, D.M.D., Ph.D., EvoraPlus is the result of more than 25 years of research into the creation of Oraganics proprietary probiotic blend, Probioria which began at the Harvard-affiliated Forsyth Institute in Boston and continued at the University of Florida. The technology has only recently become available to the general public." (the letter relating to EvoraPlus is where I got this quote from)

I like these mints ( but you cant put them in the traditional mint category, for they don't have the minty flavor but maybe a hint ). They definitely make my teeth whiter and my breath fresher. the first day I woke up after trying them the day before, I was very surprised. No morning breath., and after a few weeks of using, I noticed an improvement in my teeth, they were whiter, and I didn't have "dog breath" anymore.

I think everyone should try this product at least once. I think you'll be surprised at the results and at the freshness of your mouth. I know I was.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Have you ever wished that when someone said ( or your lover said) "Eat My Underpants" that it could actually happen? Well with these Beauties, it can...

Candy G-String

You won't be disappointed when you wear these. They are made with a very thick elastic cord, like the type you find on candy necklaces. And with over 300 pieces of fruit flavored candy, you will have to work a little to eat it all in one night. Made for the same stuff as candy necklaces.

Not very hard to bite into or off, not sour tasting either. Sweet, but not too sweet. Unlike the regular candy necklaces.

This pair of undies can fit( in my opinion) very large women.

I cannot explain how it felt to wear it, since it was the wrong time of month(wink). But after it was all gone, the intricate weave to make the thong was amazing. It was made out of two solid pieces of string, not many, as the design would seem.

It is substantial, it has some weight to it. Maybe a quarter of a pound? Though I am only guessing.

As always, Adult Toy Shoppe items are packaged discreetly. A part of the shipping address is Shipping Dept. and it gives no indication of who sent the package.

Another Great product by The Adult Toy Shoppe

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Couple of very cool HALLOWEEN Decoration Selling websites

Now, it being the month before the most favorite month of the year( FOR ME!!) I am already drooling all over my keyboard and monitor (screen for my computer) Looking at some of the most coolest halloween decorations ever.

A couple of good halloween decoration sites:

Sobongo( has really cool looking costumes) where i did my costume review at, very good selection of costumes) a great selection of both costumes and decorations)

Grandin Road/Halloween Haven( Martha Stewart has her line of Halloween decorations here. As far as i can tell, strictly decorations here, no costumes) costumes, props, accessories, teeth, novelty items here )

For right now, that is all of the Halloween sites that I have visited, I hope to be reviewing more Halloween items in the future

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MyBlogSpark and Pillsbury: Sweet Moments Review and Giveaway

Blog Search

Who doesn't absolutely love chocolate... I do, a lot... What would you ladies say to a "Decadent and Delicious" chocolate brownie with a smooth layer of chocolate on top... That is what Pillsbury and MyBlogSpark are bringing to you today...

Two Very chocolaty, rich, warm brownies will make your mouth explode with flavor. If the Greek gods were real, like Aphrodite or Hermes, then this would be their food...

Mouth watering, Sinfully Delicious...

I absolutely love this product. Chocolate is my favorite, and brownies are my very favorite. Put them together... MMNnn...

There is an allergy warning attached though. If you are allergic to Wheat, Egg, Milk and Soy, or if you have any nut allergies( since this may have trace elements of walnut ingredients), DO NOT EAT.

(Taking the calories from the box, there are only 370 per brownie.) ( LET ME BE CLEAR, I DID NOT GET THE READY-TO-EAT BITE SIZED BROWNIES).

There are others in this "series" of products, like the picture on the right( it can be in either Chocolate Fudge, or Chocolate Caramel: Both are bite sized), and there is a Chocolate Caramel Molten Lava Brownie too( NOT BITE SIZED).

Would you ladies, or gentlemen like to try? Then you are in luck, because MYBLOGSPARK and Pillsbury is letting me give away a prize pack.

One winner will receive: a prize pack containing the items I received for my review...
(please note, just the free coupon is in the prize pack, not the acual product, and yes, the bow comes with the pack exactly as shown)

To enter (mandatory first entry), go to the Pillsbury website and tell me what other "Sweet Moments" product you would like to try.

For EXTRA entries:

-grab my button
-Follow my blog

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Edenfantasys: Shunga Tenderness and Passion Collection REVIEW

Shunga Tenderness and Passion Kit


1 "Intimate Kisses" Aphrodisiac oil (3.5 fl. OZ)
1 "Erotic" Massage Oil (4 OZ)
1 "Sweet Snow" Body Powder (4 fl oz)
1 Hand-Made Feather Tickler

I requested this kit from Edenfantasys and I am very happy that I did.

Edenfantasys always has a lot of different items to choose from. and some of the boxes are just stunning, with the art that is featured on the front cover, like Shunga. Shunga has some really beautiful artwork, and really cool products.

Notice the beautiful artwork on the lid, inside, top of the lid, and the front of the bottle.

The picture is of a man and a woman in an embrace with the woman holding a bowl and the man with his tongue at his lips waiting to be kissed by this gorgeous creature of his.

An amazing kit with everything you need to kick off a very sensual night.


The massage oil is my favorite because I can use it on my sore feet and calves. It doesn't taste like anything( maybe a hint of strawberries), maybe a slight hint of strawberries but the smell is amazing, exactly like strawberries and champagne.
Then there is the "Sweet Snow" body powder. It tastes like strawberries and baby powder without the baby powder scent. It glides on smooth, and used with the feather tickler , is simply delicious ,sexy, and silky. Not to mention ticklish. It comes with a beautiful silk drawstring pouch with a handle attached on the inside making it a wrist bag, or a "however you might want to hang this" bag.

The aphrodisiac oil is my favorite also, and it WARMS when you breath on it. And the taste is good, not too bitter an aftertaste (Of all the flavored things I've been privileged to review, they do have a little bit of a aftertaste). Smell and taste are both very nice, also like strawberries.

And now, the handmade feather tickler. Real feathers make up this tool of tickling delight. And don't be fooled by the fragile appearance of the feathers. I tugged, and tugged, and even wiggled( very little) the feathers about while tugging, and these babies stayed put, no falling feathers or anything. ( Just don't pull the feathers from side to side, and then try to pull them out. They will come out then).
This kit is listed under the sensual love/ kits. If you go all the way to the bottom of the page, you'll see it.

I really like Shunga's product line. Visually, as well as physically. And it is brought to you by

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hi Everyone

I just got done with my first week of G.E.D prep courses at Santa Fe college.... So that's why i haven't been on here much, that and the fact that my computer is weirding out on me....Still....

I somehow managed to fry the keyboard controller ports in the back of my computer( the ports to plug the old time keyboard and mouse) so now i am using usb ports for the time being....

I so seriously need a laptop....( and wireless everything to go with it)

And in oter news, i have somethings that are coming up, some reviews, and some giveaways......and my first"spark" from myblogspark and Philsbury.

so that is what has been happening with me...

I just got done with reading a book from the Left Behind Series, called Tribulation Force. It is very engaging, and I love the whole Jesus thing.( Yes, Yes, this coming from a wiccan, but i do believe in god, and jesus....and with all the bad things i have done over the years, ill probably never get to go to heaven....i am unworthy for such beauty as that... because, if i repent of my sins now, in a couple years i might fall back and do them again, and then what... i would've failed the 2 most important people in recorded history.... in this day and age, i believe it is just a waiting game....

I know some of you will say" hey, i dont like this sort of talk". that is fine with me, just email me and let me know, please.

i ABSOLUTELY love college. its great, and the whole high school mentality is gone...and you get to tell the teachers they messed up( if they mess up).

so, hopefully, i will be posting again soon.....And THANK YOU TO THE ONES WHO AFRE WAITING FOR MY REVIEWS ....

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hey, did you all know that is having a raffle on a $200 gift card to:

Toys are us
Banana Republic
Children's Place

Alls you have to do is, go to their WEBSITE , and sign up. And dont forget to refer your friends to get aditional entries.

And could you guys check out my post about their giveaway and my review on one of their headbands, please. That is HERE....

Thank you all... And thank you COVERYOURHAIR.COM

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I am enrolled in Edenfantasys review program. So, every four weeks I get to review a new item of Edens... I proudly present... Three Wishes Genie costume...

First off, Edens is an awesome adult sex toy shop and an adult lingerie shop too. They sell a wide variety of things, from female vibrators, lingerie, dildos, love kits and candles... Everything a girl (or a couple) could ask for in a Sex Toy shop...

If you guys and gals have read some of my other posts, you know that I love dressing up, for Halloween, or to wear a sensual outfit for my Non-Existent boyfriend (which means I just wear it around the house for fun).

This outfit is no different. It has 4 parts to it, the pants, top, undies, and the head veil thingy...

( I must note here, the black thing in the models hair does not come with the outfit, the head veil thing is a thin piece of elastic that conects the ends together))

The bottoms fit wonderfully, but the top... is for someone with a smaller breast size, and mayhaps a few pounds lighter on top ( I could not, for the life of me, squeeze my hooters into the top, and it was a large too... And on top of it, the elastic in the shoulder, upper arm part, it was too tight because of my big upper arms). On the other hand, the elastic at the end of the sleeve is loose, so it wouldn't be too tight for a smaller "upper armed" girl.

I absolutely love this item, and have not a bad thing to say about it, except for a tiny spot... The waist, there is pretty pink border elastic running the length of the front of it, (on the top of the pants) on the left side, it looks like there is some coming apart of the pink elastic... The elastic loops on the bottom of the pant leg are loose, making it good for a larger sizes ankle. (But, don't try and cross your legs while wearing the pants, otherwise it might get tangled, but that is my opinion).

The undies and the hair thingy fit well...

So, another excellent product by Edenfantasys, distributors of lingerie lines like: Leg avenue (Which is where the Three Wishes Genie Costume is from), DreamGirl, Coquette, Cal Exotics (Cal also makes novelty items too)...and a bunch of others.

An excellent product from Edenfantasys

I found this really cool site....

you could win "trunks" of makeup when you enter this website contest... by motives makeup and just thought i'd let you know

Friday, August 6, 2010

get a free lady gaga tatoo

I found this website where you can get a free lady gaga tattoo... Please don't ask me what it is about, I'm not sure, alls I know is that it is free, even the shipping... check it out here

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

i do apologize......

to all of the people whom i have gotten review itemd from..... my computer is acting up, and i am not sure about it.....i will get your reviews in, but it may be a little longer than id planned, but dont worry, i will write it all out on plaper and hopefully get it on very soon.....thanks again

genevieve drouin

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Its been a while...

hey all you good peoples out there...

been a really long time since I blogged for myself

my erricca is currently on medication, 5 mg of adderall?started on Sunday, so lets see by next Sunday if there is any changes...the people who know her will understand, and no... i am not doing this because i don't wish to deal with is because it is getting increasingly difficult to ( .....Sorry to interrupt, but Gen's Brain has vanished suddenly and will return soon)....I have some cool giveaways coming up, like yoreganics, and crazy dog, and in a month i will do their sister site,


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adult Toy Shoppe... Sexy School Girl Costume/Outfit

A while ago, I did a review for one of Adult Toy Shoppe's products, the Blue G-spot Vibe... They have let me do another review. It is on their Sexy school Girl Costume/Outfit.

"Give him the ultimate fantasy...".

And you will with this naughty Two-Piece from Adult Toy Shoppe and Magic Silk...

( I apologize if i get this wrong, but i think that magic silk is the one who designed the item, and Adult Toy Shoppe is the one who sells it?)

"Give him the ultimate fantasy, you're the young slutty schoolgirl that wants to make all the men love you, and there is only 1 way you know how! Tempt and tease with this super fun role play at a budget price."

Personally, I love the the idea of dressing up sensually for your partner. It is super fun for both of you and brings you close together. It makes lovemaking much more enjoyable.

I believe that the act of lovemaking is so much more than sexual gratification.It is about spiritual bonding as well.With Role-Playing costumes( like the school girl outfit) and games, you get to be able to do that.

The top is made out of Lycra, and the bottoms are a pink, micro-mini paid thing that doesn't reach further than the curve of my gluteus maximus( to just below my butt).

This outfit does not come with, shoes, Pom-Pom ponytail holders, or Stockings.( They do sell stockings, but the outfit didn't come with them)

I felt cool, and sexy while wearing this.

So, another great item, from Adult Toy Shoppe.

the category for this item is in: Lingerie section

glee gum giveaway winner

ok, the winner for the glee gum giveaway is......

Meet The Browns

thank you all for entering, and don't forget to enter my other contests.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

my lip stuff winner

my lip stuff winner

congratulations cass....and thank you all who entered

Thursday, July 15, 2010

the asuka love pillow widget thingy

product picture
Female love doll by California Exotic
Material: Plastic / TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I am so sorry it took me this long to get a winner for my lip stuff...

( since i have not heard back from katybaby I unfortunatly have to pick another winner.)

ok the winner is


Thank you all for entering, and if you guys didnt already know, i have a giveaway for the review, you might want to check that out

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I contacted the Joy of Soap a few weeks ago and asked them if I could do a review on a few of their products. They sent me 3 half-bar samples, in Gardenia Goosebumps, Feeling Frisky, and Kiss Me Kiwi.

( a picture only, not what I actually got)

First of all, the smells are awesome, but not overpowering. I love the smells, they are so very nice...

"Also, we will offer all of your readers a 15% discount in our online store through july 31st. To recieve this discount, just enter this coupon: 1277398451 in the Coupon Code box in the check out screen"

Gardenia Goosebumps smells like gardenia flowers. Kiss Me Kiwi smells like kiwi and a hint of sugar, and Feeling Frisky smells like oranges.

The ingredients for all the soaps are:

Water, Organic Olive Oil, Sodium Hydroxide (According to another website, Sodium Hydroxide is Lye, which reacts with something else. The reaction is called saponification, and that's what makes soap I think, hopefully I've read that right) Organic coconut oil, Organic palm oil, Castor oil.

The individual element particular to each bar is:

Feeling Frisky has Tangerine, Grapefruit, and Lime essential oils and canedula flower petals.

Gardenia Goosebumps has Gardenia fragrance and Soft Yellow Oxide.

Kiss Me Kiwi has Kiwi Fragrance Oil, and Chromium Oxide Green.

If you guys are worried about oxides, here is what one website had to say on the subject:

( The following article on soap coloring options was inspired by a reader's question concerning the differences between oxides, micas, ultramarines and colorants and when to use which one. The article was written by Anne-Marie Faiola.

Soap Coloring Options: Oxides, Micas, Ultramarines - What's the Difference?
by Anne-Marie Faiola
You're right, there are a lot of soap coloring options out there. I'll go over the most common and the pros and cons:

(1) Soap Pigments - oxides and ultramarines fall into this category. Pigments, like most colorants out there, do not fall into the natural category. They are manufactured in labs and have been since the 70s. Apparently, pigments (oxides and ultramarines) used to be mined but the FDA stepped in and demanded some purity so since then, those colorants have been manufactured in a lab - same molecular structure just a different way of processing. Some Iron Oxides are still extracted naturally; however, Iron oxides in nature (dirt) are often stuck with toxic metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, antimony and selenium (when they are in nature). This is why the FDA stepped in to regulate cosmetic colorants so the level of toxic metal present are present in such low concentrations that they are considered "safe." In fact, only synthetically prepared iron oxides are approved for use in cosmetics in this country. (Johnson, S.T. & Wordell, C.J. "Homeopathic and herbal medicine: Considerations for formulary evaluation," Formulary, 32, 1167, Nov. 1997. )


so, i love the Joy of Soap, and want you to check it out, and also, check out their Twitter page, and their facebook page too



THEY HAVE LET ME DECIDE IF I WANT TO GIVE A (1) 40 DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE, OR (2) 20 DOLLAR CERTIFICATES, I really haven't decided yet..........Maybe I will make it a surprise.....They will email your certificate to you,

So, all of you readers, you know what to do,,,

First, check out their website, and tell me which soap you would like to try.

For extra entries:

Follow my blog
grab my button
"Like" them on facebook
follow them on twitter

So that means you need to leave me your email address(PLEASE, PLEASE) so I can email them with your email address so they can send your girft certificate in the email. Say That 5 Times Fast

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Love In The Time Of Dragons By Katie MacAlister

OK for all you bookie peoples out there, I have a novel that will make you drool...Its called Love In The Time of Dragons and its by Katie MacAlister. Her website is HERE.

OK, about a month ago, I entered a really cool website contest, where they were going to choose 50 people to review this book. I always enter a lot of things, but i never really expect to win............Boy was I delighted when Stephen( the guy from contacted me, saying i had been one of the 50 people to get to review the new book/novel from Katie MacAlister....I have to say, this book is right up my line of reading.

I love fantasy: Harry Potter, The last Dragonlord and the Dragon and the Phoenix, Love In The time Of Dragons, His Majesty's Dragon, Dragon Hour, The Unicorns Of Balinor, , the Rhapsody series, king Javan's Year, Twilight series, oh and the Redwall series with Lord Brocktree being my favorite next to Martin the warrior mouse..........

Basically its about a woman named Tully Sullivan( in this new life) who has been having very funny dreams....about someone shes never even met( or so she thinks)...and she has been blacking out at certain times of the month, and waking up with a whole room full of gold....well she meets some unusual people( who turn out to be DRAGONS) and finds out shes been sentenced to death for crimes of her dragonmate, Baltic.........

I absolutly love this book. its funny and it made me laugh out loud (and normally, i will laugh inside of my head). Never out loud. So I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars, for hilarity, and the fact that i could not put this book down for the life of me.....
You can find it on amazon, and probably elsewhere.........
Everyone who loves to read should give this book a me, you love it

Sunday, June 27, 2010


The Asuka Love Pillow From Edens Fantasys........

When I first got this item, I thought "Now how am going to do a review on a male stimulation object"....but after I thought about it, I think I can do it.

Well, to start out, it stands about 3 feet high( chest high on me, up to my chest and I am 5' 2"), and is shaped like a pillow and smells like strawberries. It has 5 openings, none which correlate to a body part whatsoever..Except maybe the one on the back near her feet.......So it could be positioned in a bunch of different ways....Definitely an imaginative Sex Toy to have.
And it comes with a male external use object( masturbator) that you can stick in one of the five different spots on the love pillow.....

Personally, I think this is a good functional gag gift to give to people with a great sense of humor.....And who like Japanese Anime Porn....

The Stimulation( Masturbator) tool is very soft and well made , and smells like strawberries...When I stuck my finger in the center of the tool, there was tightness...not too much, but still a degree of tightness and softness....Probably something for beginners.

So, another great product from Edens fantasys....from Dildos to vibrators, to anal stuff, to very sexy lingerie, for all your adult sexual and sensual needs.........

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I contacted COSTUME SUPERCENTER and asked them if I could review one of their costumes. The costume I chose to review was the Sorceress Adult Costume.

The costume is sized 12-14, and comes with an eyeball thingy for your palm, a eyeball necklace, and a hat( the shoes, the stockings, and the wig are sold separately.

The hat has a wire rim, but the wire is bendable, so you could make the hat look any way you wanted it.

The eyeball for your palm was a little difficult to figure out how to put on, at first, but it looks awesome once its on. Its for the right hand, otherwise it will feel a little strange.....And the eyeball medallion necklace is the finishing touches on the whole costume

They have every kind of Halloween costume you can imagine, from Women’s Halloween Costumes to children's Halloween costumes.

I am a gigantically huge fan of Halloween, dressing up, EATING CANDY, dressing the house, and getting ready for next year the second this Halloween was over.

A Halloween nut, you could call me, and now with a smokin' cool Halloween Costume from Costume Supercenter, it will be a excellent candy pickin season this year....

It was hard to choose from the huge selection of adult women's costumes..There were the witch costumes, the Harry Potter-themed costumes, the Gothic/Vampire costumes....just too much to list them all..

And for you plus-sized women out there, there are cool selections for you too, from plus-sized vampire costumes, Horror, 20's style costumes......and a whole lot more....Oh, when your on their website, if the little background behind the list of costumes is red, its regular women's costumes, but when it turns purple, that's the plus sized side.

I totally recommend this to everyone who likes dressing up for Halloween..So, if you are wanting to go out for Halloween, or are just taking the kids, pick up a costume at Costume Supercenter...I know, as Halloween gets closer, I am going to have to get me munchies a new costume, and I most definitely will be shopping at Costume Supercenter.

Friday, June 25, 2010


I just heard that paige's little man has finally given up his paci...excellent, GO LITTLE MAN......( ME DOING THE DANCE FROM CITY SLICKERS 2: LEGEND OF CURLYS GOLD)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


......................AND THE WINNER IS



Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I recently contacted Izola, makers of fine shower curtains, and asked them if i could do a review on one of their shower curtains, they sent me the PARIS, FRANCE SHOWER CURTAIN.

You know how the air gets in the shower through the bottom of the curtain and the shower curtain sticks to you. Well I had that problem with an old curtain of mine, and when I received the curtain from IZOLA, I was curious as to think " Will this curtain do what my old one did?"

It didn't...

It keeps the water nice and in the tub like it is supposed to.....and it sticks to the side( when it gets wet, there are no suction cups on the bottom edge) of the tub and doesn't blow on me anymore so I don't have to keep fighting with it, and I can take a shower in peace.

The curtain is 72" by 72", and the color is black and white. Care is simple, wipe with a damp cloth.

I love the shower curtain they sent me, because my father was born in France. Its nice to see pictures of where my father grew up.( I am totally not sure, but maybe the picture is from the centre pompidou, a building, perhaps? although, my father said it was from the arc, De' arc De' triomphe, I am not sure)

IZOLA has almost anything showery, homey....From Bedsets, to Tea Towels, to Pillows, to Aprons...They even have Napkins( Canvas) and Placemats. I so recommend their shower curtains.





Thursday, June 17, 2010

the widget for edens fantasys review of angelic gown


product picture
Gown by Fantasy Lingerie
Material: Nylon
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I contacted Tom, the owner of Katazoom, and asked him if I could do a review for one of his products.......He is a very nice man, and sent me the BIRD BRANCH VINYL WALL ART DECAL INTERIOR DESIGN. It is amazing, and oh so cool.....It looks excellent on my wall.....Its not that difficult to put on, if you do it slowly.

They have an EBAY store, AND an ETSY shop.

It looks so beautiful on my wall, nice and dark red....I have a cream wall color, so it almost looks black...but its not, its light enough that you can tell that its dark red.....So cool...and the picture doesn't do it justice....

I also live in an apartment, so the cool thing is, you don't need any nails, or any thing like that, its so easy to put on....and everyone knows, sometimes extra nail holes aren't such a good thing in an apartment wall..I had mine up in about 10 minutes, but you have to go slowly otherwise you might get an air bubble in the I did for one of the bird wings....Don't worry though, I fixed it... Its not too terriblely hard to remove and fix air bubbles..

I absolutely totally recommend this...Its great for any non-porous surfaces, and it looks awesome.....I am so buying another one soon...


I contacted EDENS FANTASYS a couple of weeks ago and asked them if i could review a few of their products.. turns out they have a review program, and i joined. so every 4 weeks, i get to review a new product off of the website. The first first product i got to review is the ANGELIC GOWN ( which I have just found out, has been discontinued, so sorry you guys).....

Anyway, when I opened the box that my gown came in, i was surprised it was wrapped in beautiful pink tissue paper, and when i opened that it was wrapped in a plastic dress thingy....and it WAS gorgeous...beautiful, and it fit me from the ribs down( the top was made for people with less....density on top) and it fell to below my feet so it swished wonderfully......

At the top, where the spaghetti straps are, there are 2 tiny pink bows with tiny plastic pearls in the middle...i got a size large, and I had room in the tummy area, it didn't hug or anything, no showing rolls here( but its very sheer so you can see skin through it).....I felt like a goddess(thin and skinny, for once) wearing it.

I loved the swishyness to the gown.......It separates into four panels, mid-thigh area and goes down from there...where it separates, on the front, are two bows with the plastic pearls sewn into the middle of the bows.....Ive had a child, and i have a pouch....but the dress didn't show it at all, it didn't tighten up at the stomach or anything...very sexy...and it came with a thong, same color as the gown( purple/very dark pink) and uses the material from the bust area at the top, for the triangle-ish patch in the front of the thong.......

They have some really great stuff at EDENS FANTASYS, you should go check it out. they have Adult Toys, lingerie, bondage gear, kits, Kama Sutra products..pasties, edible undies( like candy necklaces, only for a bra or a boxer short)....i love all the different stuff that Edens carries, and will definitely be shopping there more often............

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I contacted Amy, from Smartmom jewelry and asked if I could do a review for a few of their products. Amy was so kind to send me the Amethyst Donut shaped pendant, (The bangles and donut pendants are sold separately, unless they come as part of a set, or in a kit) and matching Amethyst Bangle...........

I think this is a really cool product, and item(s)......babies always are trying to chew on our necklaces, bracelets and with the Smartmom jewelry line, that won't be a worry for mommies( and daddies!) many colors to choose from, and even tweens can choose too, with Tween Bling

colors and scents for tweens............

They are made of the same material as teething rings. "Our Teething Bling products are made from a food-safe, phthalate-free, federally-approved silicone".

I have been chewing on it for a while, and it would take an enormously strong jaw to chew even tiny bits off of it.

I love these items, they are so functional, and cute, and the babes will love to chew on them.

Friday, June 11, 2010


I contacted the Glee Gum company a few weeks ago and asked them if I could do a review on a few of their products, and they sent me a "MAKE YOUR OWN" GUMMIES" KIT from the "MAKE YOUR OWN CANDY" KITS line. there are 2 others in this group.....the "MAKE YOUR OWN" CHOCOLATE, OR "MAKE YOUR OWN" GUM. Its very interesting.......

Truthfully, I never knew the seaweed in the "Make Your Own" gummies kit even existed, or that it came from the Philippines ....I was thinking, "Am I going to have to boil sushi seaweed"?( you know, the strips they use to wrap sushi with) But when I opened the little baggie I was surprised, it looked like a tiny tree, frozen in time, without any leaves...white, and plain......

Erricca and I had a blast making this, it was fun, but definitely not for little kids...Erricca wanted to do everything herself, and I couldn't let her much, because of the temperature (it is hot after you boil the seaweed), and the fact that it was sticky...but still, Erricca and I had a blast...this would be great fun to make with older children....
They also sent me sample packs of their gum....Very nice.....I liked the gum.....Was very nice to chew, and didn't have sugar( Yes, it does have sugar in it, just not a whole lot that I could taste) in it....very strong tasting natural flavors, like cinnamon..... ..and...Spearamint, Peppermint, Tangerine, and Bubblegum to name a few.....

So for great tasting gum, and Fun-To-Make "Make Your Own Candy" kits, I do so recommend Glee Gum. I think they have great tasting gum, and without the added stuff......Made with Chicle ( gum from a hundred years ago used to be made with this stuff, I think.) from the rainforests of Guatemala, so its sustainable. If you want more info, go here.

And, the kind folks at Glee Gum is giving 1 winner a "Make Your Own" kit......1 winner will receive, of their choice, a "Make your Own" kit from GLEE GUM...

The giveaway is only open to the continental US.

First, you must go to Glee's website and tell me either what flavor of gum you would like to try, or what kit would most interest you.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I contacted COVER YOUR HAIR about a week ago and asked them if i could do a review on one of their hair accessories..they said yes, and sent me: Black Sheer Hair Net Headband to review.....

I am NEVER taking this thing off. I LOVE IT. its cool, and black, with fishnet and black mesh( i am a GOTH at heart) and its got cute shiny sequins on it, like fish scales, but round.....and cool, very cool.

It doesn't pinch your hair or make it funny. Its easy to put on, and easy to take off. I love it for its ease of use...And the fact that it doesn't pull your hair out while taking it off........

There is a giveaway too, the very kind people at COVER YOUR HAIR is giving away one of their headbands ABSOLUTELY FREE...

To enter first....Go to their WEBSITE and tell me which headband you would like to have most.

(open to worldwide, and runs until the 20th of july)

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I contacted PETER RABBIT ORGANICS a few weeks ago and asked them if i could review a few of their products.. they said yes, and sent me 3 100% fruit puree pouches in:

I like this product because its easy to carry with you, and it needs no refrigeration before opening( after, it needs to be chilled and eaten within 48 hours), and I think little kids will love this for the great taste and unconventional way of getting their fruit, and they'll love the great packaging, with a cute tan colored rabbit on the front, in a blue coat. And it has a NO-CHOKE cap on top. (There is the main cap, but it is connected to an outer cap by 4 thin plastic holder thingys)...Which means, Theoretically if your child were to get it lodged in his/her throat, the way the cap is designed help prevent him/her from suffocating( not being able to breathe), he can still breathe through the cap by way of the unique design of the cap itself. It is 100% fruit puree made from organic fruit and organic fruit concentrate. For example, STRAWBERRY AND BANANA
You can even give it to 6 month olds. The pouches are bpa-free and shelf stable....and perfect for outings and such.....
i love this stuff and will be buying more very soon.....check out their website at PETER RABBIT ORGANICS. I KNOW LITTLE KIDS WILL LOVE THIS, AND MOMS TOO.. its soooooooooooo nutritious and so delicious...and very easy to put in a diaper bag, or a backpack, or a added ingredients, or added anything, just pure and natural goodness in puree form, and definitely no added sugar...

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