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A Post About EdenFantasys!

Well, a while back, my blog reviewer for emailed me and told me they will no longer give free products for blog posts, but they will give a gift certificate( 25 dollars, or 30 if I add a banner to my blog).

So, I have decided i will write about different products that are on the website. Maybe it'll be things i would like to try myself, or things that some people may not know is on their site.

Like silver heart nipple shields: I would love to get a set of these myself, but they are a little expensive at 62.99( not including ship. and handling) for a beautiful pair. I am a little afraid that my WHATCHA-MA-CALLUMS are a little small. That and I don't have some cute boyfriend to show them too. Like non-piercing jewelry for your nipples.

They are round, and have a heart connecting design. With a middle part that you can put your WHATSITS through.

So, mosey on down and take a look. They really are quite beautiful, and they are non allergenic, meaning if any of you peo…