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You all have heard about Japan.......

( I found this Image on Flickr, click on the image to go to the page)

Its pretty bad over in Japan right now..... I feel sorry for the people there... so that is why I asked my dad to buy me the Thousand Crane Origami Kit fromThe House of Rice Store.

Has anybody heard about Sadako Sasaki or the Thousand Paper Crane Story of Japan. A little history lesson then( because I LOVE Japanese anything and I lOVE history.)

Sadako Sasaki was born January 7, 1943.( all of my information is either from wikipedia or the Hiroshima Memorial website) She was Two years old when the Atom Bomb "Little Boy" was dropped a mile from her house near Misasa Bridge, Hiroshima, Japan.
( I don't know If this Next part is right, I remember reading it from somewhere but i forgot the website, i think it was wikipedia.)

Sadako, her brother her mother and her father escaped in a boat. she described the rain as being "Black Rain" and that the people were drinking the w…

Cleopatra's Secret from The Adult Toy Shoppe

Cleopatra's Secret Female Arousal Creme from The Adult Toy Shoppe. Its a really nice edible (slightly edible, too much will make it taste like you are eating lotion, but a little bit is nice tasting) lotion/lubricant. It smells like strawberries. Its a both hot and cold lotion/lubricant, so you get the warm and the cold. (Although I did not notice the warm except a little).

The only drawback is that it might be a bit too cold if you use a whole lot. The tingling sensation was good. Me, personally, I like this as a personal rehydrator. It makes a usually dry part of me nice and not dry. This lotion/lubricant is really nice. From the picture, it doesn't look like a whole lot, but it is in my opinion.

The pump is mess free and dispenses a ring-finger sized amount of product. So no worrying about spills and such. And it is easily hidden in a drawer or a bag because of it's small size.

So, another great product from the Adult Toy Shoppe, and I seriouslyrecommend you check out t…