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OK, I am officially starting my giveaway of the Free and Clear Starter kit from Seventh Generation. From this Monday, till 2 Mondays from now, all of 2 weeks.

The very first thing you have to do:

go to the Seventh generationwebsite and tell me one product you need most around your house.

for extra entries:

1. sign up for the newsletter at Seventh Generation

2. follow my blog

3. grab my blog button

( I was going to do this on saturday but mommy things and being busy got in the way)

Open to the U.S. Only

( please, in 2 weeks, when I choose the winner, would said winner please give me their shipping address ) ( OK THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED, AND THANK YOU ALL TO WHO ENTERED)

the next review i am going to do is....seventh generation, then popcorn factory on the 1st

my review of seventh generation has a giveaway attached to it.....i think i will start the giveaway after i write the review, it will be for 2 weeks and........dont know after that..ill see when i write the review....

gots to go, my munchie has a school play today....maybes i will put some pics on here for you all to see? but after the fiasco with me pets fish and bat( as applications i couldnt have comments, but now i can since they and darth vader are gone) , i dont know....well see...........



I contacted the Adult Toy Shoppe, almost 2 weeks ago, and asked them if i could do a review for 1 of their products, and they said yes, and sent me..............Blue Velvet G-spot Vibrator.....................

I love this Vibe........its not soft so there is more...pressure ability......and you can stick it anywhere you want.....its great for g-spot stimulation.......

Here is what the website has to say on it...:

Endorsed by Jenna Jameson, this luscious velvet-touch vibrator was created specifically with female pleasure in mind. Any woman wanting pleasure in the perfect spots will want this beautiful blue, velvet touch vibrator.

Waterproof for fun in and out of the water, and features a non-slip grip, with easy to use multi-speed base for all levels of intense pleasure. It's unique hammer like shape hits the g-spot just right, every time and vibrates exactly where you want for the best pleasure possible!

The whole sex toy is firm and strong, and not flexible for a more obedient pleasur…

whew, now onto a litlle naughtiness.....with the ADULT TOY SHOPPEE......ONLY FOR 18YR OLDS AND UP

whew, i am glad the beachbody review is i dont feel so rushed to do the rest of them.......ok the next review coming up is.....THE ADULT TOY SHOPPEE...a website only for 18 yr olds and up.....i give fair warning in advance......and by the 1st of june, hopefully the Popcorn Factory review item will be in, that should be fun...i love popcorn....i am having a blast doing all these reviews.....THANK YOU TO ALL THE COMPANIES WHO LET ME REVIEW THEIR PRODUCTS FOR ME BLOG......................i hope i do this for several years......and thank you to you, me super cool readers......oh, and i have a giveaway coming up...its for 7th generation, an eco freindly company who makes the neatest non-smelling-strong products ever...i asked them if i could review their company and they said yes.....i will have to ask me bloggry friend how to go about doing the contest and i will let you know............i read too much harry potter, but i love the uk-english speaking people...lov…

From the company that is letting me review the popcorn factory

just got this email from Erin, 1800flowers public relations person, wanted to share it with you since it would be a little hard to write in me own words:

After the success of our last book Celebrating Mom, we are off to the races to complete our next book Celebrating Love, and it would be great if you and your readers might be interested in participating. The book is full of touching stories about all the wonderful aspects of "love”. We are looking for people who can share their stories on being "newly in love", a "young love", your "first love", an "eternal love", a "hot love" and even "puppy" love stories, i.e. pets. Those who can help contribute to the book will receive a free copy of the book and help to spread the positive messages of love. We are just looking for a paragraph that tells us about your true "love". Also, we are interested in hearing your thoughts on great "love lines". We look forwa…

pre sayings about the seventh generation review

Wwoweeeeeeeeeee, i just got the packages today, 2 to be, they are full size, itll take me at least a week to try out ALL of their stuff...itll be exiting...trying things to not pollute our planet...........its a good thing....anyway, gots to go...heheheh unwrapping the box now.....



Beach Body was one of my first companies to ask for reviews of their products.....(Priscilla Ashleigh, the trainer i talked to, was very nice to send me 2 different flavor samples of Shakeology (chocolate and greenberry), and 1 flavor sample of P90X (smooth orange).........Its an intense fitness loss program with fantastic results.....

Shakeology.....the replacement meal don't get hungry, and you have more energy...and your not as tired after not eating for a while,( only for 4 or 5 hours was i not hungry) and all the vitamins in it are really good for you, too, like vitamins, A, C, D, E.......Manganese, Biotin, and over 70+ ingredients.........

I received a sample of P90X with the Shakeology, and it was cool, the orange taste was very nice, almost as if you were drinking orange juice, or like an orange juice/ice cream smoothie...and i love ice cream....

i recommend you go to Priscilla's website......She is very nice, and she can tell you more abo…

Voltre Vu review

I contacted Voltre Vu a couple of days ago and asked them if i could review a few of their products...they said yes, and sent me the On Holiday Intensely Moisturizing Body Milk (Lait De Corps) and the On Holiday Moisturizing Body Shower Gel (Gel`ee de corps)...........

. Wow does not begin to describe the scent.......If there was a fairy realm where there was nothing but summer brooks and oceans, and children playing in beautiful meadows, than On Holiday would be the scent for that realm.....completely unique scent....Smells like water, and grass, and wild meadows...It's hard to describe, a lot of feelings and thoughts of growing up...and playing in the sea, and being in Pennsylvania with my cousins, playing in the creeks, and going to my uncle Alfie's cabin in the mountains......its a great body lotion, absorbs easily into your skin, and non-greasy, and leaves skin feeling soft...

Onto the the shower gel...... smells exactically like the body milk, just as fairy realm-ish...and …

beachbody review...the pre-sayings

i am going to do this little review in a couple of days... because i just got it today, and i still have at least 3 to do.......i will hopefully get caught up hopefully this week...or maybe next week...


erghhhhhhhhhhhh...i cannot fix the color for my header

this bites...i cant fix the color so that it is black and everyone can see it....ergh

irritates me....i have a couple of reviews that are coming up.( 1 is for the awesome company, Voltre Vu, and the other is for the other awesome company the Adult Toy Shoppee) contests yet..but the first time my review that does a contest comes in i will start it for 2 pe paitent with me good peoples...and i will do it.....


email...and reviews thoughts

OK i know it says to use my google account email address, but i never check it, AOL is the one i use most, so if you all want to email me, email me at........ ..........ok?...thank you all

i will have to check my email, but i think i saw a few sites that are doing a giveaway of some kind...i will get back on that....if you want, you can look at some of my other reviews and see if you like those, like Anima Soap, Susan Brown's Baby, currently think bout what to write about voltre vu, having a hard time, its indescribable, the smell...i think roses and wildflowers and oceans will pop under my feet at any moment..its amazing, i smell grass and salt at the same time......simply wonderful..........anyways......i would love to review goth that i think about it I've only done 2 reviews, in the process of number 3...thinking about number 4........thank you to all the new ones who have joined, and especially the Nurse Mommy, thank you big time....and i…

about my weird looking page

my page looks funny, why is that?

i uploaded the code for firefox, not internet explorer, thats why things are scrunched up...i love firefox, much simpler, but it runs so slow...internet explorer runs faster....for if you all are wondering why, that is why...


I emailed Susan Brown's Baby and asked them if i could review a few of their products....and they sent me a few things:
Susan Brown's Baby Naturals Just for Mom Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer( about 4.17Oz)
and; a complimentary hand sanitizer( its about .32oz) Sensitive Baby all purpose botanical gele`e( generous sample packet, you take the top off and squeeze out, called a xela pack(r)..) and: Just for Mom stretch therapy warming masque (xela pack(r)...)

first up for say: botanical gele`e:
wow...i have this thing on my hand that itches like crazy...Ive tried everything to get it to stop....lotions, over the counter itch stuff...everything...and then when i got the botanical gele`e, i put some on, and the itch went complaints from my hand contains First Skin(TM) Emollient complex....."Apply to patches of dry skin, troubled or irritated areas around the lips, ears, forehead, elbows, clean diaper area or any place that needs extra moisturizing and protec…

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...goodbye bat, goodbye fishies

weeeeeeeeelllll, i have just been informed that my comments page is taking too long to i unfortunatly have to do away whit my bat and my fishies....and i loved both.....both were well thought out, but it takes the page too long to load on some computers...i will keep the codes though...and maybe i can put them on another site, or find away to put them on my computer directly.........and i have my very first review for a book coming up soon........maybe next week......its called Love in the Time of Katie MacAlister...and from different websites ive been on looks amazing...hehehehe


bye fish, bye bat.......


about the anima soap review

i have no idea how the hennish i got the list in black, but i think i fixed it so everyone can see now...i will have to look at the list maker thingy to find out how to change the color...but anyways, everyone can see it that is the good thing

( i guess, unlike facebook, i cannot comment on my own posts......ok......will remember for next time)


about the susan brown's baby review

i will have to do the review later this week or maybe even next week.....i am very if you dont hear from me for a while, i am doing my thing to get my ged...hopefully i win...or i score, i will do the review, just maybe later than i wanted to.....



ANIMA SOAPS...............
I recently contacted anima soaps for a review because I am in desperate need of a great soap that does not dry my skin out. Wow, I love this soap, it leaves a nice, soft feel on your skin, and doesn't dry the skin out
I used the ( face and body) soap from Anima soaps and it was really didn't have much of a fragrance, it smelled very lightly of rosemary but that was wasn't overpowering at all.
All in all, I highly recommend them because: 1. they are an affordable organic soap maker
2. they don't use animal testing

On the anima soap about page, there is a message from the director, Robert Ryan. He makes a good point. Everything that is in anima soap I can pronounce...not very complicated or fancy words that mean "bad things for your skin/ bad for the environment" in their soaps...none of that stuff.....just wholesome goodness and quality, like:
Ingredients: (this is the baby bar soap-unscented)

certified organic palm oi…

the history of the( blowjob)

wow, interestingly , the way people thought a hundred years ago....if i was living back in their time, i would be burnt at the stake for even being a knowledgeable woman ( or a witch, which is what i am) .....but anyway wikipedia has some info on the..........human vacuum. suction, vacuum...get it....oh...and my review for anima soaps will be arriving on saturday......cant wait....its going to be excellente....


OK, all you good peoples, the wait is over...i have my very first blog review.....from anima soaps......they ( as i say it) are shipping my review from texas...i am going to have lots of fun reviewing this looks good and so may arrive tomarrow, or the next day...i am nervous, tho...i hope i do a good review....


i have some cool reviews coming up, hehehahahah

i just contacted some good peoples and have a few more reviews coming up, heheh should be fun......

and i dont like this insanly small print at all

oh well see you all later,



ha ha just added new thing

i have a visitor counter, finally..........and its in my faverote house colors...i cant wait for my review items to will be fun doing them, helping other companies get their product out there.....hehehehe.....

heheheh, an afterthought

hey, "blog", in pig latin would be ebway-oglay, hehehehahahahaha.....from my all time faverote tv show ever....NCIS......whats your faverote episodes( yes more than 1, heheehahah)

people who have accepted my review request

1.beach body

2. Susan brown's baby

3. Kiss my face

4. tropical traditions ( they didn't say i could do a review at the moment, but maybe when i get my blog actually going they might change their mind, i just posted this link because i like their website a lot)

5. my lip stuff.....( is giving away a random 6 pack of lip gloss to a lucky reader, contest not started yet..)

and that is it for the moment ( unless i think of more links to add)

i have noticed.......

i have noticed that almost all of the reviews that i send out are for organic products...i guess its the new thing to, dont care really, i just want to review anything...its fun and it passes the time while inbetween doing other trying to find a ged course online in florida........WOW, my little girl carried out a big basket of clothes from the laundry room......strong one she is......tell me what you think of the new look of my blog, all the little things that i added recently...........AND IF YOU HAVE REDONE YOUR HOUSE RECENTLY, AND FIND YOU HAVE HEADACHES, NOSEBLEEDS, AND,OR COUGHING, YOU MAY HAVE TOXIC DRYWALL....PLEASE HIT THE BUTTON ON THE RIGHT FOR MORE INFO....and now that errricca has done this, i got to go fold clothes.....see you all...


still waiting for the reviews to show up

waaaaaaaaaaa, i am sick....runny nose, and coughs..............and the thick feeling in my chest..............well, i hope all the review products i asked for do not come at once, or i might have to do one a week......jeez, this coughing.......i hope you all are not getting sick.......see you

alrighty, i have a new review lined up with My Lip Stuff, and this time they will let me give a random 6 pack of lipgloss away( a 13$ value).........i think i will start the giveaway when i get my first review from Beach Body.......and now i have to go clean more things at home......and get rid of this cold ive got...........take care all

WOW, take a look at part of tropical traditions email sent to me:

We invite you to participate in our Referral Program! Your readers will be able
to acquire their own complimentary copy of our Virgin Coconut Oil book: When they choose
“Referred by a Friend” and enter your User ID: 6127002 on their first online
order, the book will be automatically added to their order and you will receive
a coupon good for complimentary products for each referral made. It’s added
incentive for both your readers and you! Please feel free to post the web link
to our customer service page
so your followers can email us if they need some help placing their first web
order to capture the free book. We have step-by-step instructions we can also
provide for your site, please just let us know if you’d like to receive a copy.

i didn't get to do the review for the company ( they were so nice about it too), b…

i am about to review 2 products

hey everyone, i have 2 reviews lined up.......

1 from Beach Body Fitness( )

2....from Head Organics ( )

the items haven't shown up yet...but i'll let you all know when they do.......


PS.. hahahahahaha took me almost 2 days to do this post...with all the adding and removing i did to clean it up a little bit, and making sure the links worked....hehahaa finnally, i got it squared away, links work, and i am happy...
erricca is sick today...coughing runny nose, and has a fever....

oh get better
ok...last night was interesting....and then around 10 or 11 oclock pm...the lights went i sat up worrying about it...and then i went to bed...and woke up-....nothing major happened.....hehehe....then me and erricca decided we were going to go we did...saw a few twigs and leaves down....we played with my friends little boy..then hunter shows up................"some guy has a tree on his house,do you want to come see?" erricca and i follow hunter and audrey around the side of the apartment complex..................... OH MY.............we got hurricaine force winds here........probably blowing about 60 mph....and it was lightning and raining very much..and this poor guy had not 1 but 2 trees on his house...(up above this little thing is the trees).....and look at the tree roots.....the water went down so fast and the wind blew so hard it uprooted oak trees ( i think they are oak?).

here is another was like this through madison po…