I emailed Susan Brown's Baby and asked them if i could review a few of their products....and they sent me a few things:
Susan Brown's Baby Naturals Just for Mom Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer( about 4.17Oz)
and; a complimentary hand sanitizer( its about .32oz) Sensitive Baby all purpose botanical gele`e( generous sample packet, you take the top off and squeeze out, called a xela pack(r)..) and: Just for Mom stretch therapy warming masque (xela pack(r)...)

first up for say: botanical gele`e:
wow...i have this thing on my hand that itches like crazy...Ive tried everything to get it to stop....lotions, over the counter itch stuff...everything...and then when i got the botanical gele`e, i put some on, and the itch went complaints from my hand contains First Skin(TM) Emollient complex....."Apply to patches of dry skin, troubled or irritated areas around the lips, ears, forehead, elbows, clean diaper area or any place that needs extra moisturizing and protection"..............i think this product is great for itchy skin, like my hand.....

just for mom stretch therapy warming masque:
when i saw this i was like YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO not so visible stretch it works too....Ive noticed that my stretched out skin doesn't look so stretched out anymore...that's a good thing.....and it warms too...doesn't get super hot, just like (breathe on your skin) warm....its excellent i think...every woman who's had kids should go and buy a bottle...its calming, the massaging and the warming...just calming

Naturals just for mom moisturizing hand sanitizer:
wow awesome product...not sticky at all...and makes your hands feel soft and silky...and its paraben, phthalate free and dermatologist tested, plus no animal testing or ingredients added...its got pink and blue moisture beads inside.....hehehehehe and you can take the little .32oz with you anywhere, in your pocket, in the car( out of sunlight of course, alcohol and heat do not mix well) and when that is empty, just refill it with the 4.17oz one and your off least that is what i do, not necessarily what you have to do..............

Overall, I recommend this to everyone with kids..or without...especially the hand sanitizer....easy schmeezy all done-easy.


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