Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hi Everyone

I just got done with my first week of G.E.D prep courses at Santa Fe college.... So that's why i haven't been on here much, that and the fact that my computer is weirding out on me....Still....

I somehow managed to fry the keyboard controller ports in the back of my computer( the ports to plug the old time keyboard and mouse) so now i am using usb ports for the time being....

I so seriously need a laptop....( and wireless everything to go with it)

And in oter news, i have somethings that are coming up, some reviews, and some giveaways......and my first"spark" from myblogspark and Philsbury.

so that is what has been happening with me...

I just got done with reading a book from the Left Behind Series, called Tribulation Force. It is very engaging, and I love the whole Jesus thing.( Yes, Yes, this coming from a wiccan, but i do believe in god, and jesus....and with all the bad things i have done over the years, ill probably never get to go to heaven....i am unworthy for such beauty as that... because, if i repent of my sins now, in a couple years i might fall back and do them again, and then what... i would've failed the 2 most important people in recorded history.... in this day and age, i believe it is just a waiting game....

I know some of you will say" hey, i dont like this sort of talk". that is fine with me, just email me and let me know, please.

i ABSOLUTELY love college. its great, and the whole high school mentality is gone...and you get to tell the teachers they messed up( if they mess up).

so, hopefully, i will be posting again soon.....And THANK YOU TO THE ONES WHO AFRE WAITING FOR MY REVIEWS ....

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hey, did you all know that is having a raffle on a $200 gift card to:

Toys are us
Banana Republic
Children's Place

Alls you have to do is, go to their WEBSITE , and sign up. And dont forget to refer your friends to get aditional entries.

And could you guys check out my post about their giveaway and my review on one of their headbands, please. That is HERE....

Thank you all... And thank you COVERYOURHAIR.COM

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I am enrolled in Edenfantasys review program. So, every four weeks I get to review a new item of Edens... I proudly present... Three Wishes Genie costume...

First off, Edens is an awesome adult sex toy shop and an adult lingerie shop too. They sell a wide variety of things, from female vibrators, lingerie, dildos, love kits and candles... Everything a girl (or a couple) could ask for in a Sex Toy shop...

If you guys and gals have read some of my other posts, you know that I love dressing up, for Halloween, or to wear a sensual outfit for my Non-Existent boyfriend (which means I just wear it around the house for fun).

This outfit is no different. It has 4 parts to it, the pants, top, undies, and the head veil thingy...

( I must note here, the black thing in the models hair does not come with the outfit, the head veil thing is a thin piece of elastic that conects the ends together))

The bottoms fit wonderfully, but the top... is for someone with a smaller breast size, and mayhaps a few pounds lighter on top ( I could not, for the life of me, squeeze my hooters into the top, and it was a large too... And on top of it, the elastic in the shoulder, upper arm part, it was too tight because of my big upper arms). On the other hand, the elastic at the end of the sleeve is loose, so it wouldn't be too tight for a smaller "upper armed" girl.

I absolutely love this item, and have not a bad thing to say about it, except for a tiny spot... The waist, there is pretty pink border elastic running the length of the front of it, (on the top of the pants) on the left side, it looks like there is some coming apart of the pink elastic... The elastic loops on the bottom of the pant leg are loose, making it good for a larger sizes ankle. (But, don't try and cross your legs while wearing the pants, otherwise it might get tangled, but that is my opinion).

The undies and the hair thingy fit well...

So, another excellent product by Edenfantasys, distributors of lingerie lines like: Leg avenue (Which is where the Three Wishes Genie Costume is from), DreamGirl, Coquette, Cal Exotics (Cal also makes novelty items too)...and a bunch of others.

An excellent product from Edenfantasys

I found this really cool site....

you could win "trunks" of makeup when you enter this website contest... by motives makeup and just thought i'd let you know

Friday, August 6, 2010

get a free lady gaga tatoo

I found this website where you can get a free lady gaga tattoo... Please don't ask me what it is about, I'm not sure, alls I know is that it is free, even the shipping... check it out here

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

i do apologize......

to all of the people whom i have gotten review itemd from..... my computer is acting up, and i am not sure about it.....i will get your reviews in, but it may be a little longer than id planned, but dont worry, i will write it all out on plaper and hopefully get it on very soon.....thanks again

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