I am enrolled in Edenfantasys review program. So, every four weeks I get to review a new item of Edens... I proudly present... Three Wishes Genie costume...

First off, Edens is an awesome adult sex toy shop and an adult lingerie shop too. They sell a wide variety of things, from female vibrators, lingerie, dildos, love kits and candles... Everything a girl (or a couple) could ask for in a Sex Toy shop...

If you guys and gals have read some of my other posts, you know that I love dressing up, for Halloween, or to wear a sensual outfit for my Non-Existent boyfriend (which means I just wear it around the house for fun).

This outfit is no different. It has 4 parts to it, the pants, top, undies, and the head veil thingy...

( I must note here, the black thing in the models hair does not come with the outfit, the head veil thing is a thin piece of elastic that conects the ends together))

The bottoms fit wonderfully, but the top... is for someone with a smaller breast size, and mayhaps a few pounds lighter on top ( I could not, for the life of me, squeeze my hooters into the top, and it was a large too... And on top of it, the elastic in the shoulder, upper arm part, it was too tight because of my big upper arms). On the other hand, the elastic at the end of the sleeve is loose, so it wouldn't be too tight for a smaller "upper armed" girl.

I absolutely love this item, and have not a bad thing to say about it, except for a tiny spot... The waist, there is pretty pink border elastic running the length of the front of it, (on the top of the pants) on the left side, it looks like there is some coming apart of the pink elastic... The elastic loops on the bottom of the pant leg are loose, making it good for a larger sizes ankle. (But, don't try and cross your legs while wearing the pants, otherwise it might get tangled, but that is my opinion).

The undies and the hair thingy fit well...

So, another excellent product by Edenfantasys, distributors of lingerie lines like: Leg avenue (Which is where the Three Wishes Genie Costume is from), DreamGirl, Coquette, Cal Exotics (Cal also makes novelty items too)...and a bunch of others.

An excellent product from Edenfantasys


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