Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I just added something new to my blog.........

Hi good people ....How are all of yous today. I found something neat on another website. It is a flag counter help track the countries where people are from...i love learning about other countries.....

I hope you all have a good day...Now i need to find out where to stick it......

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Big G, Dreamworks, and myblogspark: Sampler Dvds, and Film Reel tin review

Hello Everybody, I have a new blog post to show you....

I was thinking of doing this review as a "notes" type review, where I  copy what i got in the letter for this review, and adding my own thoughts on the side in parenthesis () or something like that.

We all know how much we've grown to love our favorite characters from the DreamWorks Animation films like Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and more.

( ****GEN'S NOTES: Ahhhh, one of my childhood favorites... I used to love picking the marshmallows out and just eating them...... until my mother found out.... I wasn't allowed to have this cereal for a while after that...But now that I am older, I know better...Sometimes:))*****)

Oooohh, wonder what will be on the cds, I won't tell you, you are gonna have to buy and see for yourselves.....

 For a special time (until March 15th or while supplies last) Big G and DreamWorks Animation have teamed up to create four collectible DVD samplers containing content from Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar, just for you. Each DVD contains fun episodes, behind the scenes footage and bonus material from your favorite DreamWorks Animation movies. Hurry and collect all four! Plus, look for an exclusive sneak peak at “The Croods” coming to theaters, March 22, 2013.

 (***** GEN'S NOTES: Another one of my favorite cereals, wonderful flavor, and so crunchy... I would grab a handful and just eat them like they were, without any milk.****)

 ( GEN'S NOTES: Who doesn't want cookies for breakfast...But ahaha, they aren't real cookies, just cookie looking cereal that tastes awesome.****)

My daughter absolutely loved this...especially Toothless and Hiccup. So, dont forget to check specially marked boxes for your very own dvd sampler... There is 1 per box, and i think they are going to make part of the box clear( although i am not sure about that) so you can spot the dvd clearly.....


“Disclosure:  The information, products and General Mills gift packs
 were provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.”

Friday, August 10, 2012

saudi arabian woman a beacon of hope for women in her country


..look at this


Sunday, April 29, 2012

I have a question for all of you peoples out there. Fantasy Makers Kits for sale.

                                                   I recently became the proud owner of a lot off of eBay. It is Fantasy Makers makeup kits in Starlett, Black Pearl, Ice princess ( I only have 2 left of these) and Red Devil. . I have a PayPal thingy and was wondering if any bodies would be interested in buying any of the stuff.

The Price is $4.00 each and $2.99 shipping and handling

( this is what Black Pearl Looks Like, includes lip-gloss, nail polish, tattoo and fake eyelashes)

I don't know, just thought i would let you all know about it. And I have some hand made jewellery that i wish to sell too. They are really nice. I will Post pictures soon. I probably will sell those between 4, 5 and six dollars, depending on how elaborate they are and if there are matching earrings.

As you can see, the boxes look a bit banged up and also look like they have been opened, but i did not do this, it is how I received them.

if you are interested, email me at

Friday, April 27, 2012


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sheer white Halter and thong set from

I am so totally sorry for not getting this out on time...6 months ago my computer crashed on me and I just recently got a new, on to the review

Sheer White Halter top and Thong

(I have just noticed that the item is sold out)

Well, where to start?... the Halter top is white and see-through. It is made of polyester and has three beautiful bows on the top( or I should say, on the ties.) It makes me feel naughty and beautiful at the same time. It has elastic running in the middle of the back and is stretchy for those who are larger in the chest area.

(Notice the delicate flowers at the throat)

The front is open and looks like an upside-down v that starts out as a point near the throat/chest area, and splits in half with one side running down one breast and the other side running down the other breast. Its very sexy and NOT an item to wear outside the bedroom, unless you like being accosted by the police for indecent exposure( I was trying to be funny). And, also, it is more see through than what the model shows.

The top can be worn with a bra on or without a bra on. It says sleep-ware but the stitching on the pretty pink flowers wont hold up to it. When I got mine one of the flowers had come off of it and I had to sew it back on. It wasn't hard, but i suggest using white thread( I used black. I know black thread on white fabric, ha ha) to sew the flowers on.

The thong...This has one of those super cute flowers too, only it is in the back, which makes it very sexy, and in my opinion...super cute..Although, I do wish it was in the front.

Very nice item.I am so Very glad I had the chance to review. As always, for more great products, go to The Adult Toy Shoppe..

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