Friday, December 16, 2011


HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA, ITS BEEN FOREVER, BUT HERE'S, JOHNN...OOPS WRONG MOVIE, OR SAYING...HEHEH HAHAHAHA....I have a brand spankin' new computer that is light-years faster than my old one, built by my super cool brother, i can get back to doing things that i love, writing for you wonderful peoples......thank you all for bearing with is good to be back.......

love you all

Friday, September 16, 2011

EdenFantasys: Halloween Frights

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Okies.... Its been some time since i've been on here. has some of the best Adult products around. Like Dildos, vibrators, sexy lingerie, and.... Halloween costumes. Some to make your blood catch fire and some you could acually wear out to a party. The one I have in mind is the Voluptuous Vampire by Coquette. this comes with fangs, and a mesh high collar cape, and a dress( lace, short in front, long in back. black and red, ribbon tie up thing. Quite beautiful.)

oh my...Vampiress.

It has sex appeal but isn't sluttish?( nothing hangs out, i mean. from the look of the model) I don't have this, but i want it, and it it on sale too.

Or, if you want to sail the 7 seas you could go with's Pirate wench costume. tis costume features a rigid lace crop top, a brocade and lace dress. a hat, and a sword. this is on sale too, but out of stock at the moment. I guess it is a zip close kind of thing, with plastic boning. Did I mention an elegant hat, which looks to have some lace and brocade of it's own.

There are others that I have not mentoned that you can find at

Friday, July 22, 2011

my computer died on me......

ok so maybe a few of you wonderful pople have noticed i havent been on in a while. reason is, my computer finally hit the can, bought the farm, a couple weeks ago. so i am using my dads computer but will not be able to be on it a whole lot. so fro those of you waiting for my review i am sincerely sorry. i will do the reviews, but probably not in a timely manner. i love you all, and hope to have a somewhat new( would like me old one to work) computer up and running in the coming months. and while i am doing that, you all should check out my first affiliate website called i havent gone through the website yet, but the banners have some really cute watches on them.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Delta and the crazyness they do

...ok, i stumbles across this( ugh, the wildfires in gainesville are making the whole house stink....) while i was reading my this crazy or what....these american men are fighting for our freedom and delta has to go and pull this shitakke.....mushrooms......


this is so stupid

what do all of you think about this.....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

EdenFantasys: Champange Rain Pheromone Candle and Silky Sheets in Spring Rain

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

EdenFantasys: Romantic Pheromone Candle in Champagne Rain.

I bought a Romantic Candle by Kingman recently and WOW... Really nice for a small room. the smell is wonderful. It says the smell is champagne rain, but I am not sure what champagne smells like and 2) it didn't smell like rain so..... Still, a very nice candle to get. Just wanted to add that little thing while figuring out how I was going to put the next bit in.

EdenFantasys: Silky Sheets Pheromone Spray In Spring Rain

OK I bought this one too..and it wasn't what I expected. It is different and rather unique. Hold the can 6 to 8 inches from your sheets and spray for a " Wonderful" smell..... I wouldn't exactly call it wonderful, but I may be using too much. Due to the powdery consistency do not use on your pillows, get the " silky Pillow Spray, so the can says.

I like the smell and I don't like the smell. I think there is potential in the smell, but it needs to be toned down a bit a little less in the can, If that makes any sense. Get it, Sense, hahahahhahaha....Ya, uh I think I need to watch Red Skelton some more, or the Three Stooges.

I will Buy the rest in this series and let you know how the rest went over with the nose.

anyways, head on over to and check out these item and more.......

I have a question for all of you peoples out there. Fantasy Makers Kits for sale question.

I recently became the proud owner of a lot off of eBay. It is Fantasy Makers makeup kits in Starlett, Black Pearl, Ice princess ( I only have 2 left of these) and Red Devil. What I want to do with it is keep a couple boxes for me and my friends and sell the rest. I have a PayPal thingy and was wondering if any bodies would be interested in buying any of the stuff.

The Price is $4.00 each and $2.99 shipping and handling

( this is what Black Pearl Looks Like, includes lip-gloss, nail polish, tattoo and fake eyelashes)

I don't know, just thought i would let you all know about it. And I have some hand made jewellery that i wish to sell too. They are really nice. I will Post pictures soon. I probably will sell those between 4, 5 and six dollars, depending on how elaborate they are and if there are matching earrings.

As you can see, the boxes look a bit banged up and also look like they have been opened, but i did not do this, it is how I received them.

if you are interested, email me at

Friday, May 13, 2011

He He He....I found the cutest recipe for bisquick.

ok found the cutest recipe for the pancake mix bisquick. Spicy Chicken Tenders

here is the link:

Tell me if you can't use the link thing.

Another recipe. This time though it is for Blackberry Shortcake. Looks delish!

This Link should work, if not, let me know.......

Ok, this one is for pizza.

and thats it.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Costume Discounters: Costume Gothic vampira

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to dress up on Halloween. It is my most favorite time of year. and doing reviews for costumes is amazing. My new review is on Plus Size Gothic Vampira Costume for Adult. I absolutely LOOOOOOOVVVVVEE this costume.

It is made of satin and lace-trimmed panne( i have no idea what panne is, but it feels like stiff lace, not soft lace). and it comes with a hip to floor petticoat, with a choker that is black velvet and faux jewel and fits a 22 inch neck( like mine!). It is a Plus Sized Halloween Costume.

The sleeves come down to my wrists. and there is strings in front that can be tightened. This dress comes with its own "protector sleeve( i think you would call it a dress holder?)" and has a picture in a pocket on the front of the dress holder?

I saw on the front of the picture with the dress on it that you could pin the dress so it looks like the dress is hitched up a bit and the petticoat is longer than the dress, which isn't true, the dress is longer.

I think, if you wanted to, you could use the silver buttons on the front to hitch the dress up so it is shorter than the petticoat by slipping one of the embroidery ropes?( it looks like a hem of a dress but really fancy, with lots of loops and stuff) through one of the silver buttons that is sewn a foot above the bottom of the dress.

I have always wanted a floor length gown and this dress is awesome. Not too scratchy, but this is my opinion. it may be for some people.

So, if you want more Vampire costumes, or Greek, 80's, or any type of costume you can think of, go to Costume Discounters at and check out their wide assortment of nicely priced items and accessories.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

EdenFantasys: The Art and Beauty of Shunga Products

Hello, Hello........

Have I told you all about how I love the Shunga line. I have the Shunga Tenderness and Passion Collection and Shunga Massage Candle (my personal favorite). I wish to have the entire line of their beautiful stuff.

The new one to recently come out (within the last10 mos or more, but don't quote me, I am only guessing.) is toko lubricant. Comes in three different styles.

Toko: Silicone lubricant
Toko: Aqua
Toko: Aroma Formula( pick your flavor!)

I would love to have every single one of these.! They all look great and ( by all the wonderful reviews I've read about) are awesome to use. I have no experience with this but I think I read that you couldn't use silicone lube with silicone based toys, so be careful.

My favorite one to have would have to be the Aroma Formula. With a load of different flavors, there is a flavor for everyone. From grape to mango/melon, they have a variety of things.

Also, shunga has a few more items:

Like Shunga chocolate body paint: According one person, tastes just like Hershey's Chocolate Syrup ; Shunga massage cream: edible and oh so sensual to rub over your partners muscles or Shunga Secret Garden: an arousing minty tingling/warming gel.

Anyways, check out their other cool things on I know you'll like it.

Monday, March 14, 2011

You all have heard about Japan.......

( I found this Image on Flickr, click on the image to go to the page)

Its pretty bad over in Japan right now..... I feel sorry for the people there... so that is why I asked my dad to buy me the Thousand Crane Origami Kit from The House of Rice Store.

Has anybody heard about Sadako Sasaki or the Thousand Paper Crane Story of Japan. A little history lesson then( because I LOVE Japanese anything and I lOVE history.)

Sadako Sasaki was born January 7, 1943.( all of my information is either from wikipedia or the Hiroshima Memorial website) She was Two years old when the Atom Bomb "Little Boy" was dropped a mile from her house near Misasa Bridge, Hiroshima, Japan.
( I don't know If this Next part is right, I remember reading it from somewhere but i forgot the website, i think it was wikipedia.)

Sadako, her brother her mother and her father escaped in a boat. she described the rain as being "Black Rain" and that the people were drinking the water? Her father went back for Sadako's Grandmother but he know when he got to the house that she was not alive...

The years passed and Sadako returned to school. She was training for her school's Field Day with her friends. She was a very fast runner.( I am not sure if this happened before or after: "Sadako developed chicken pox on her neck and behind her ears in November 1954. "In January 1955 purple spots had formed on her legs". One day she was running and collapsed. So her parents took her to the doctors. Sadako was diagnosed with leukemia and was hospitalizes on February 21, 1955.

On August 3, 1955, Her best friend Chizuko Hamamoto came to the hospital and gave Sadako her first "Golden" Crane and told her about the story of the Crane; That of you fold a thousand you will be granted a wish by a crane/god. So all the days Sadako was in the hospital, she folded cranes, even going as far as to fold them out of medical dressing paper wrappings and get well paper wrappings of other patients.

Around this point in the history books there are slight differences, one being that Sadako finishes all 1,000 Origami Cranes, while anther part says she only made it to 644. I think she only made it to 644, but I could be wrong. Anyway, during her time at the hospital her condition steadily worsened. Around Mid October her left leg became swollen and turned purple. After her family asked her to eat something, she asked for Tea On Rice( which is called Gemaicha in Japanese) and said it was "good"Those were the last words she said. Sadako Sasaki died on October 25 1955 Approximately ten years after the bombs were dropped in Japan.

After her death the children left behind wanted to make a statue of her to remind the world of the devastating effects of nuclear weapons. To this day thousands of paper cranes decorate trees and racks next to the Hiroshima Children's Peace Memorial Statue, with Little Sadako holding her "golden Crane" high in the air as a reminder of the Pain Of Nuclear War.

Still to this day the argument is that the ethticality? ( right or wrong) of use of nuclear weapons during world war 2. It is a very difficult subject to argue one side or another.

Anyway the real reason I brought this up was that i need your help. I would like everyone who read this to make a paper crane or think about making a paper crane to send healing wishes to the Island of Japan. To wish for no more bad things to happen until the "state" gets itself back in order.

Well, hope you liked the stuff I wrote.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cleopatra's Secret from The Adult Toy Shoppe

Cleopatra's Secret Female Arousal Creme from The Adult Toy Shoppe. Its a really nice edible (slightly edible, too much will make it taste like you are eating lotion, but a little bit is nice tasting) lotion/lubricant. It smells like strawberries. Its a both hot and cold lotion/lubricant, so you get the warm and the cold. (Although I did not notice the warm except a little).

The only drawback is that it might be a bit too cold if you use a whole lot. The tingling sensation was good. Me, personally, I like this as a personal rehydrator. It makes a usually dry part of me nice and not dry. This lotion/lubricant is really nice. From the picture, it doesn't look like a whole lot, but it is in my opinion.

The pump is mess free and dispenses a ring-finger sized amount of product. So no worrying about spills and such. And it is easily hidden in a drawer or a bag because of it's small size.

So, another great product from the Adult Toy Shoppe, and I seriously recommend you check out their other great products too.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Post About EdenFantasys!

Well, a while back, my blog reviewer for emailed me and told me they will no longer give free products for blog posts, but they will give a gift certificate( 25 dollars, or 30 if I add a banner to my blog).

So, I have decided i will write about different products that are on the website. Maybe it'll be things i would like to try myself, or things that some people may not know is on their site.

Like silver heart nipple shields: I would love to get a set of these myself, but they are a little expensive at 62.99( not including ship. and handling) for a beautiful pair. I am a little afraid that my WHATCHA-MA-CALLUMS are a little small. That and I don't have some cute boyfriend to show them too. Like non-piercing jewelry for your nipples.

They are round, and have a heart connecting design. With a middle part that you can put your WHATSITS through.

So, mosey on down and take a look. They really are quite beautiful, and they are non allergenic, meaning if any of you peoples have any type of metal allergy, this won't aggravate it. ( at least that is what it says on the website, personally, I have never experianced it for myself, so I dont know).

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