EdenFantasys: The Art and Beauty of Shunga Products

Hello, Hello........

Have I told you all about how I love the Shunga line. I have the Shunga Tenderness and Passion Collection and Shunga Massage Candle (my personal favorite). I wish to have the entire line of their beautiful stuff.

The new one to recently come out (within the last10 mos or more, but don't quote me, I am only guessing.) is toko lubricant. Comes in three different styles.

Toko: Silicone lubricant
Toko: Aqua
Toko: Aroma Formula( pick your flavor!)

I would love to have every single one of these.! They all look great and ( by all the wonderful reviews I've read about) are awesome to use. I have no experience with this but I think I read that you couldn't use silicone lube with silicone based toys, so be careful.

My favorite one to have would have to be the Aroma Formula. With a load of different flavors, there is a flavor for everyone. From grape to mango/melon, they have a variety of things.

Also, shunga has a few more items:

Like Shunga chocolate body paint: According one person, tastes just like Hershey's Chocolate Syrup ; Shunga massage cream: edible and oh so sensual to rub over your partners muscles or Shunga Secret Garden: an arousing minty tingling/warming gel.

Anyways, check out their other cool things on edenfantasys.com... I know you'll like it.


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