Hi Everyone

I just got done with my first week of G.E.D prep courses at Santa Fe college.... So that's why i haven't been on here much, that and the fact that my computer is weirding out on me....Still....

I somehow managed to fry the keyboard controller ports in the back of my computer( the ports to plug the old time keyboard and mouse) so now i am using usb ports for the time being....

I so seriously need a laptop....( and wireless everything to go with it)

And in oter news, i have somethings that are coming up, some reviews, and some giveaways......and my first"spark" from myblogspark and Philsbury.

so that is what has been happening with me...

I just got done with reading a book from the Left Behind Series, called Tribulation Force. It is very engaging, and I love the whole Jesus thing.( Yes, Yes, this coming from a wiccan, but i do believe in god, and jesus....and with all the bad things i have done over the years, ill probably never get to go to heaven....i am unworthy for such beauty as that... because, if i repent of my sins now, in a couple years i might fall back and do them again, and then what... i would've failed the 2 most important people in recorded history.... in this day and age, i believe it is just a waiting game....

I know some of you will say" hey, i dont like this sort of talk". that is fine with me, just email me and let me know, please.

i ABSOLUTELY love college. its great, and the whole high school mentality is gone...and you get to tell the teachers they messed up( if they mess up).

so, hopefully, i will be posting again soon.....And THANK YOU TO THE ONES WHO AFRE WAITING FOR MY REVIEWS ....


  1. I just started school on Tuesday! Soooo glad to be back in a challenging environment. I wish you luck! If you ever want to vent about school I'm here! :)

  2. aww, thank you

    its not so bad, class is small.....i have a lot of cool giveaways coming up if i can get to writing them...ugh....busy me, and my computewr sucks rocks


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