From the company that is letting me review the popcorn factory

just got this email from Erin, 1800flowers public relations person, wanted to share it with you since it would be a little hard to write in me own words:

After the success of our last book Celebrating Mom, we are off to the races to complete our next book Celebrating Love, and it would be great if you and your readers might be interested in participating. The book is full of touching stories about all the wonderful aspects of "love”. We are looking for people who can share their stories on being "newly in love", a "young love", your "first love", an "eternal love", a "hot love" and even "puppy" love stories, i.e. pets. Those who can help contribute to the book will receive a free copy of the book and help to spread the positive messages of love. We are just looking for a paragraph that tells us about your true "love". Also, we are interested in hearing your thoughts on great "love lines". We look forward to hearing your ideas, but space is limited and time is running out...please visit to enter your true love story!


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