Voltre Vu review

I contacted Voltre Vu a couple of days ago and asked them if i could review a few of their products...they said yes, and sent me the On Holiday Intensely Moisturizing Body Milk (Lait De Corps) and the On Holiday Moisturizing Body Shower Gel (Gel`ee de corps)...........

Wow does not begin to describe the scent.......If there was a fairy realm where there was nothing but summer brooks and oceans, and children playing in beautiful meadows, than On Holiday would be the scent for that realm.....completely unique scent....Smells like water, and grass, and wild meadows...It's hard to describe, a lot of feelings and thoughts of growing up...and playing in the sea, and being in Pennsylvania with my cousins, playing in the creeks, and going to my uncle Alfie's cabin in the mountains......its a great body lotion, absorbs easily into your skin, and non-greasy, and leaves skin feeling soft...

Onto the the shower gel...... smells exactically like the body milk, just as fairy realm-ish...and just as soft leaving of your skin....the softness lasts for days...add the milk and the shower gel together..........and its an experience like no other...so much that i am finding it difficult to say anything more than Ive already said.

If you like mountain air, fresh, wild meadows, brooks and creeks, ocean surf and the smell of grass, I highly recommend getting this line of products...the experience is like no other, and "Linger In Your Lusciousness" as the bottle says........



  2. about time,ugh wish it were easier than editing the html format

  3. Hi Genevieve,

    Thanks for the wonderful review! I grew up in PA too, in Pittsburgh but we lived on top of a hill, no creeks near us. Did you know we have a dry oil body spray in the same scent? And you can also become a personal shopper and get everything at a great discount. For more details, just drop me a line at tbkuhn@wideopenwest.com


  4. This is a must have line. I've been using all 4 of the On Holiday line products for months now. I had a lot of sun damage on my arms and the On Holiday Gentle Scrub de Corps removed it! My skin is so soft... Try it you will LOVE it! Ask me how you can receive these products for a 30-50% off discount. www.votrevu.com/lvkathy Or email me @ lvkathy@cox.net


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