WOW, take a look at part of tropical traditions email sent to me:

We invite you to participate in our Referral Program!  Your readers will be able
to acquire their own complimentary copy of our Virgin Coconut Oil book: When they choose
“Referred by a Friend” and enter your User ID: 6127002 on their first online
order, the book will be automatically added to their order and you will receive
a coupon good for complimentary products for each referral made. It’s added
incentive for both your readers and you! Please feel free to post the web link
to our customer service page
so your followers can email us if they need some help placing their first web
order to capture the free book. We have step-by-step instructions we can also
provide for your site, please just let us know if you’d like to receive a copy.

i didn't get to do the review for the company ( they were so nice about it too), but if you all want,
you can take a look at the two links and see what you want to do
wow, they are so nice, aren't they.........thank you tropical traditions for giving me a chance............


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