I contacted COSTUME SUPERCENTER and asked them if I could review one of their costumes. The costume I chose to review was the Sorceress Adult Costume.

The costume is sized 12-14, and comes with an eyeball thingy for your palm, a eyeball necklace, and a hat( the shoes, the stockings, and the wig are sold separately.

The hat has a wire rim, but the wire is bendable, so you could make the hat look any way you wanted it.

The eyeball for your palm was a little difficult to figure out how to put on, at first, but it looks awesome once its on. Its for the right hand, otherwise it will feel a little strange.....And the eyeball medallion necklace is the finishing touches on the whole costume

They have every kind of Halloween costume you can imagine, from Women’s Halloween Costumes to children's Halloween costumes.

I am a gigantically huge fan of Halloween, dressing up, EATING CANDY, dressing the house, and getting ready for next year the second this Halloween was over.

A Halloween nut, you could call me, and now with a smokin' cool Halloween Costume from Costume Supercenter, it will be a excellent candy pickin season this year....

It was hard to choose from the huge selection of adult women's costumes..There were the witch costumes, the Harry Potter-themed costumes, the Gothic/Vampire costumes....just too much to list them all..

And for you plus-sized women out there, there are cool selections for you too, from plus-sized vampire costumes, Horror, 20's style costumes......and a whole lot more....Oh, when your on their website, if the little background behind the list of costumes is red, its regular women's costumes, but when it turns purple, that's the plus sized side.

I totally recommend this to everyone who likes dressing up for Halloween..So, if you are wanting to go out for Halloween, or are just taking the kids, pick up a costume at Costume Supercenter...I know, as Halloween gets closer, I am going to have to get me munchies a new costume, and I most definitely will be shopping at Costume Supercenter.


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