I contacted PETER RABBIT ORGANICS a few weeks ago and asked them if i could review a few of their products.. they said yes, and sent me 3 100% fruit puree pouches in:

I like this product because its easy to carry with you, and it needs no refrigeration before opening( after, it needs to be chilled and eaten within 48 hours), and I think little kids will love this for the great taste and unconventional way of getting their fruit, and they'll love the great packaging, with a cute tan colored rabbit on the front, in a blue coat. And it has a NO-CHOKE cap on top. (There is the main cap, but it is connected to an outer cap by 4 thin plastic holder thingys)...Which means, Theoretically if your child were to get it lodged in his/her throat, the way the cap is designed help prevent him/her from suffocating( not being able to breathe), he can still breathe through the cap by way of the unique design of the cap itself. It is 100% fruit puree made from organic fruit and organic fruit concentrate. For example, STRAWBERRY AND BANANA
You can even give it to 6 month olds. The pouches are bpa-free and shelf stable....and perfect for outings and such.....
i love this stuff and will be buying more very soon.....check out their website at PETER RABBIT ORGANICS. I KNOW LITTLE KIDS WILL LOVE THIS, AND MOMS TOO.. its soooooooooooo nutritious and so delicious...and very easy to put in a diaper bag, or a backpack, or a added ingredients, or added anything, just pure and natural goodness in puree form, and definitely no added sugar...


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