OK, I contacted THE POPCORN FACTORY about reviewing some of their products and they sent me a white backround-with-poppy-looking-flowers on the tin, very springy looking....

Oh my gosh, the CHOCOLATE-DRIZZLED CARAMEL POPCORN:..........Tastes like heaven......and the way the chocolate and caramel go together, awesomeness....I didn't know popcorn could be SO...sinfully good.....ambrosia good, the gods could eat this and be fine with it (2 days later after I got through with my sugar high: I enjoyed the popcorn immensely, very well done, the popcorn, chocolate, and caramel go well together....I just said that........)

Now onto the white cheddar popcorn:....oooh la, what a rich, white cheddar taste. the taste is nice tasting (2 days later......loved the white cheddar, the powderyness goes well, very intense flavor...loved it)

MINI-PRETZELS: Are great...I love pretzels meself and these are sugar...still loved it..

CINNAMON POPCORN:.....I didn't think I would like Cinnamon popcorn, but this is really good, really good (2 DAYS LATER......still have some left...still love it...)

CHEESE POPCORN: always a good thing, when one loves popcorn like me, very cheesy, powder cheesy...very sugar here, still loved it, like it a lot popcorn, loved the corn.....(

BUTTERFLY KISSES TAFFY: I thought it would be saltwater taffy( i don't like saltwater taffy), but it isn't.....i love the pina colada flavor in the taffy, and the orange,.....very nice.

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES: Some people would like the extra crunch of these cookies, me, personally, I like my cookies to be a little bit more moist..but with the same crunch to them...they were OK to me.

CHOCOLATE DAISY WAFERS: Don't let the name "wafers" fool you, they aren't cookies....pure chocolates shaped like Daisy's wrapped in a foil that has a picture of a daisy on it, verrrry rich i could only eat 1 every other day... very good.

JELLY BELLY" JELLY BEANS:........Well, they are jelly beans....some tasted like cinnamon, others tasted like buttered popcorn, and some tasted like orange smoothie ice cream.

SO, if you like popcorn, or snacks in general, like candy, yogurt covered pretzels...or sweet things, check out THE POPCORN FACTORY. I so recommend this.


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