I contacted Tom, the owner of Katazoom, and asked him if I could do a review for one of his products.......He is a very nice man, and sent me the BIRD BRANCH VINYL WALL ART DECAL INTERIOR DESIGN. It is amazing, and oh so cool.....It looks excellent on my wall.....Its not that difficult to put on, if you do it slowly.

They have an EBAY store, AND an ETSY shop.

It looks so beautiful on my wall, nice and dark red....I have a cream wall color, so it almost looks black...but its not, its light enough that you can tell that its dark red.....So cool...and the picture doesn't do it justice....

I also live in an apartment, so the cool thing is, you don't need any nails, or any thing like that, its so easy to put on....and everyone knows, sometimes extra nail holes aren't such a good thing in an apartment wall..I had mine up in about 10 minutes, but you have to go slowly otherwise you might get an air bubble in the vinyl...like I did for one of the bird wings....Don't worry though, I fixed it... Its not too terriblely hard to remove and fix air bubbles..

I absolutely totally recommend this...Its great for any non-porous surfaces, and it looks awesome.....I am so buying another one soon...


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