I recently contacted Izola, makers of fine shower curtains, and asked them if i could do a review on one of their shower curtains, they sent me the PARIS, FRANCE SHOWER CURTAIN.

You know how the air gets in the shower through the bottom of the curtain and the shower curtain sticks to you. Well I had that problem with an old curtain of mine, and when I received the curtain from IZOLA, I was curious as to think " Will this curtain do what my old one did?"

It didn't...

It keeps the water nice and in the tub like it is supposed to.....and it sticks to the side( when it gets wet, there are no suction cups on the bottom edge) of the tub and doesn't blow on me anymore so I don't have to keep fighting with it, and I can take a shower in peace.

The curtain is 72" by 72", and the color is black and white. Care is simple, wipe with a damp cloth.

I love the shower curtain they sent me, because my father was born in France. Its nice to see pictures of where my father grew up.( I am totally not sure, but maybe the picture is from the centre pompidou, a building, perhaps? although, my father said it was from the arc, De' arc De' triomphe, I am not sure)

IZOLA has almost anything showery, homey....From Bedsets, to Tea Towels, to Pillows, to Aprons...They even have Napkins( Canvas) and Placemats. I so recommend their shower curtains.


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