Edenfantasys: Shunga Tenderness and Passion Collection REVIEW

Shunga Tenderness and Passion Kit


1 "Intimate Kisses" Aphrodisiac oil (3.5 fl. OZ)
1 "Erotic" Massage Oil (4 OZ)
1 "Sweet Snow" Body Powder (4 fl oz)
1 Hand-Made Feather Tickler

I requested this kit from Edenfantasys and I am very happy that I did.

Edenfantasys always has a lot of different items to choose from. and some of the boxes are just stunning, with the art that is featured on the front cover, like Shunga. Shunga has some really beautiful artwork, and really cool products.

Notice the beautiful artwork on the lid, inside, top of the lid, and the front of the bottle.

The picture is of a man and a woman in an embrace with the woman holding a bowl and the man with his tongue at his lips waiting to be kissed by this gorgeous creature of his.

An amazing kit with everything you need to kick off a very sensual night.


The massage oil is my favorite because I can use it on my sore feet and calves. It doesn't taste like anything( maybe a hint of strawberries), maybe a slight hint of strawberries but the smell is amazing, exactly like strawberries and champagne.
Then there is the "Sweet Snow" body powder. It tastes like strawberries and baby powder without the baby powder scent. It glides on smooth, and used with the feather tickler , is simply delicious ,sexy, and silky. Not to mention ticklish. It comes with a beautiful silk drawstring pouch with a handle attached on the inside making it a wrist bag, or a "however you might want to hang this" bag.

The aphrodisiac oil is my favorite also, and it WARMS when you breath on it. And the taste is good, not too bitter an aftertaste (Of all the flavored things I've been privileged to review, they do have a little bit of a aftertaste). Smell and taste are both very nice, also like strawberries.

And now, the handmade feather tickler. Real feathers make up this tool of tickling delight. And don't be fooled by the fragile appearance of the feathers. I tugged, and tugged, and even wiggled( very little) the feathers about while tugging, and these babies stayed put, no falling feathers or anything. ( Just don't pull the feathers from side to side, and then try to pull them out. They will come out then).
This kit is listed under the sensual love/ kits. If you go all the way to the bottom of the page, you'll see it.

I really like Shunga's product line. Visually, as well as physically. And it is brought to you by Edenfantasys.com.


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