Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Love In The Time Of Dragons By Katie MacAlister

OK for all you bookie peoples out there, I have a novel that will make you drool...Its called Love In The Time of Dragons and its by Katie MacAlister. Her website is HERE.

OK, about a month ago, I entered a really cool website contest, where they were going to choose 50 people to review this book. I always enter a lot of things, but i never really expect to win............Boy was I delighted when Stephen( the guy from contacted me, saying i had been one of the 50 people to get to review the new book/novel from Katie MacAlister....I have to say, this book is right up my line of reading.

I love fantasy: Harry Potter, The last Dragonlord and the Dragon and the Phoenix, Love In The time Of Dragons, His Majesty's Dragon, Dragon Hour, The Unicorns Of Balinor, , the Rhapsody series, king Javan's Year, Twilight series, oh and the Redwall series with Lord Brocktree being my favorite next to Martin the warrior mouse..........

Basically its about a woman named Tully Sullivan( in this new life) who has been having very funny dreams....about someone shes never even met( or so she thinks)...and she has been blacking out at certain times of the month, and waking up with a whole room full of gold....well she meets some unusual people( who turn out to be DRAGONS) and finds out shes been sentenced to death for crimes of her dragonmate, Baltic.........

I absolutly love this book. its funny and it made me laugh out loud (and normally, i will laugh inside of my head). Never out loud. So I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars, for hilarity, and the fact that i could not put this book down for the life of me.....
You can find it on amazon, and probably elsewhere.........
Everyone who loves to read should give this book a me, you love it

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