Adult Toy Shoppe... Sexy School Girl Costume/Outfit

A while ago, I did a review for one of Adult Toy Shoppe's products, the Blue G-spot Vibe... They have let me do another review. It is on their Sexy school Girl Costume/Outfit.

"Give him the ultimate fantasy...".

And you will with this naughty Two-Piece from Adult Toy Shoppe and Magic Silk...

( I apologize if i get this wrong, but i think that magic silk is the one who designed the item, and Adult Toy Shoppe is the one who sells it?)

"Give him the ultimate fantasy, you're the young slutty schoolgirl that wants to make all the men love you, and there is only 1 way you know how! Tempt and tease with this super fun role play at a budget price."

Personally, I love the the idea of dressing up sensually for your partner. It is super fun for both of you and brings you close together. It makes lovemaking much more enjoyable.

I believe that the act of lovemaking is so much more than sexual gratification.It is about spiritual bonding as well.With Role-Playing costumes( like the school girl outfit) and games, you get to be able to do that.

The top is made out of Lycra, and the bottoms are a pink, micro-mini paid thing that doesn't reach further than the curve of my gluteus maximus( to just below my butt).

This outfit does not come with, shoes, Pom-Pom ponytail holders, or Stockings.( They do sell stockings, but the outfit didn't come with them)

I felt cool, and sexy while wearing this.

So, another great item, from Adult Toy Shoppe.

the category for this item is in: Lingerie section


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