Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Have you ever wished that when someone said ( or your lover said) "Eat My Underpants" that it could actually happen? Well with these Beauties, it can...

Candy G-String

You won't be disappointed when you wear these. They are made with a very thick elastic cord, like the type you find on candy necklaces. And with over 300 pieces of fruit flavored candy, you will have to work a little to eat it all in one night. Made for the same stuff as candy necklaces.

Not very hard to bite into or off, not sour tasting either. Sweet, but not too sweet. Unlike the regular candy necklaces.

This pair of undies can fit( in my opinion) very large women.

I cannot explain how it felt to wear it, since it was the wrong time of month(wink). But after it was all gone, the intricate weave to make the thong was amazing. It was made out of two solid pieces of string, not many, as the design would seem.

It is substantial, it has some weight to it. Maybe a quarter of a pound? Though I am only guessing.

As always, Adult Toy Shoppe items are packaged discreetly. A part of the shipping address is Shipping Dept. and it gives no indication of who sent the package.

Another Great product by The Adult Toy Shoppe

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