Eskimo Cutie Plus Size costume from

It sure has been cold here in my city lately. Just a week ago it was Christmas. I thought to celebrate by getting into the cutest sexy costume I ever did see... The Eskimo Cutie Plus Size costume by

(Note, does not come with a petticoat. you can get that seperate. Look under accessories, and in the left hand colume scroll down until you hit the p's. It should be there.)

This is a really cute costume. It has 5 pieces: The boot covers, the chocolate "Popsicle", the dress and the mittens. Four if you wish to count the boot covers a a single piece, though they are two separate pieces.

The dress is well made, and after a few weeks of wearing it I haven't noticed anything wrong with it. No fraying or anything.

The dress itself is crushed velvet with a zipper on front that comes to about ( my) belly button level( may be different for tall peoples, I'm 5' 2"), with long sleeves , an attached hood with braided strings ending in faux fur pom poms, and an attached skirt. The skirt part comes to just a few inches above my knees. The attached hood has faux-fur trim and the hem on the skirt is also sporting faux fur. The sleeves are about to my wrist and are faux fur trimmed too.

The "Popsicle" is really cute. The top is stuffed, with a plastic stick on the bottom covered in cloth material. The top is chocolate colored cloth material and is loosely triangle shape. Like a real chocolate popsicle would look like, except no mess here..

And finally, the boot covers and mittens... I have to admit, I've used the mittens separately from the rest of the costume. But only because they are so soft and so warm. Big sized mittens, with a moderate amount finger space. The mittens are not fingered, meaning they have no individual finger spots but a big open finger thing, a little like flippers, but not quite.

The boot covers are big, because they are made to be worn on top of boots. They have "lacing" that runs down the cover from the top to the ankle and they have a little tie in the back of the calf area near the top. Boot covers run from knee to ankle. They have faux fur on the top of the boot cover.

So, if you are looking for sexy christmas costumes or regular costumes , check out


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