Thursday, September 30, 2010

Evoraplus And EvoraKids Review

I contacted Oreganics (Makers of EvoraPlus and Evorakids) a while ago and asked them if i could do a review on a few of their items. I received EvoraPlus and EvoraKids in 60 mints a box. The Adult tablets don't really have a taste except for a slight minty taste and the kids are a bit stronger in flavor and they taste like Wild Very Cherry Berry.

"Finally! A product that not only tastes GREAT, but can also reach where toothbrushes and floss can’t... for brighter, happier smiles!"

EvoraKids first.......

These are really neat because they are made with probiotics that "effectively compete with certain harmful bacteria for both nutrients and space on tooth surfaces". says Dr. Jeffery Hillman, D.M.D. Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer
of Oraganics Inc."
( In the letter I received from the company is where I got this Quote from. It is related to EvoraKids)

I was really surprised at the taste. I thought the taste would be less appealing than it is. I gave these to my daughter and she loved them. Thought they were the neatest thing ever. I had to keep reminding her they weren't candy, they were to help her teeth. The tablets also helped brighten her smile, and made her teeth nice. These tablets are chewable.

Now on to EvoraPlus....

"Developed by Oraganics Chief Scientific Officer Dr Jeffery Hillman, D.M.D., Ph.D., EvoraPlus is the result of more than 25 years of research into the creation of Oraganics proprietary probiotic blend, Probioria which began at the Harvard-affiliated Forsyth Institute in Boston and continued at the University of Florida. The technology has only recently become available to the general public." (the letter relating to EvoraPlus is where I got this quote from)

I like these mints ( but you cant put them in the traditional mint category, for they don't have the minty flavor but maybe a hint ). They definitely make my teeth whiter and my breath fresher. the first day I woke up after trying them the day before, I was very surprised. No morning breath., and after a few weeks of using, I noticed an improvement in my teeth, they were whiter, and I didn't have "dog breath" anymore.

I think everyone should try this product at least once. I think you'll be surprised at the results and at the freshness of your mouth. I know I was.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Have you ever wished that when someone said ( or your lover said) "Eat My Underpants" that it could actually happen? Well with these Beauties, it can...

Candy G-String

You won't be disappointed when you wear these. They are made with a very thick elastic cord, like the type you find on candy necklaces. And with over 300 pieces of fruit flavored candy, you will have to work a little to eat it all in one night. Made for the same stuff as candy necklaces.

Not very hard to bite into or off, not sour tasting either. Sweet, but not too sweet. Unlike the regular candy necklaces.

This pair of undies can fit( in my opinion) very large women.

I cannot explain how it felt to wear it, since it was the wrong time of month(wink). But after it was all gone, the intricate weave to make the thong was amazing. It was made out of two solid pieces of string, not many, as the design would seem.

It is substantial, it has some weight to it. Maybe a quarter of a pound? Though I am only guessing.

As always, Adult Toy Shoppe items are packaged discreetly. A part of the shipping address is Shipping Dept. and it gives no indication of who sent the package.

Another Great product by The Adult Toy Shoppe

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Couple of very cool HALLOWEEN Decoration Selling websites

Now, it being the month before the most favorite month of the year( FOR ME!!) I am already drooling all over my keyboard and monitor (screen for my computer) Looking at some of the most coolest halloween decorations ever.

A couple of good halloween decoration sites:

Sobongo( has really cool looking costumes) where i did my costume review at, very good selection of costumes) a great selection of both costumes and decorations)

Grandin Road/Halloween Haven( Martha Stewart has her line of Halloween decorations here. As far as i can tell, strictly decorations here, no costumes) costumes, props, accessories, teeth, novelty items here )

For right now, that is all of the Halloween sites that I have visited, I hope to be reviewing more Halloween items in the future

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MyBlogSpark and Pillsbury: Sweet Moments Review and Giveaway

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Who doesn't absolutely love chocolate... I do, a lot... What would you ladies say to a "Decadent and Delicious" chocolate brownie with a smooth layer of chocolate on top... That is what Pillsbury and MyBlogSpark are bringing to you today...

Two Very chocolaty, rich, warm brownies will make your mouth explode with flavor. If the Greek gods were real, like Aphrodite or Hermes, then this would be their food...

Mouth watering, Sinfully Delicious...

I absolutely love this product. Chocolate is my favorite, and brownies are my very favorite. Put them together... MMNnn...

There is an allergy warning attached though. If you are allergic to Wheat, Egg, Milk and Soy, or if you have any nut allergies( since this may have trace elements of walnut ingredients), DO NOT EAT.

(Taking the calories from the box, there are only 370 per brownie.) ( LET ME BE CLEAR, I DID NOT GET THE READY-TO-EAT BITE SIZED BROWNIES).

There are others in this "series" of products, like the picture on the right( it can be in either Chocolate Fudge, or Chocolate Caramel: Both are bite sized), and there is a Chocolate Caramel Molten Lava Brownie too( NOT BITE SIZED).

Would you ladies, or gentlemen like to try? Then you are in luck, because MYBLOGSPARK and Pillsbury is letting me give away a prize pack.

One winner will receive: a prize pack containing the items I received for my review...
(please note, just the free coupon is in the prize pack, not the acual product, and yes, the bow comes with the pack exactly as shown)

To enter (mandatory first entry), go to the Pillsbury website and tell me what other "Sweet Moments" product you would like to try.

For EXTRA entries:

-grab my button
-Follow my blog

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Edenfantasys: Shunga Tenderness and Passion Collection REVIEW

Shunga Tenderness and Passion Kit


1 "Intimate Kisses" Aphrodisiac oil (3.5 fl. OZ)
1 "Erotic" Massage Oil (4 OZ)
1 "Sweet Snow" Body Powder (4 fl oz)
1 Hand-Made Feather Tickler

I requested this kit from Edenfantasys and I am very happy that I did.

Edenfantasys always has a lot of different items to choose from. and some of the boxes are just stunning, with the art that is featured on the front cover, like Shunga. Shunga has some really beautiful artwork, and really cool products.

Notice the beautiful artwork on the lid, inside, top of the lid, and the front of the bottle.

The picture is of a man and a woman in an embrace with the woman holding a bowl and the man with his tongue at his lips waiting to be kissed by this gorgeous creature of his.

An amazing kit with everything you need to kick off a very sensual night.


The massage oil is my favorite because I can use it on my sore feet and calves. It doesn't taste like anything( maybe a hint of strawberries), maybe a slight hint of strawberries but the smell is amazing, exactly like strawberries and champagne.
Then there is the "Sweet Snow" body powder. It tastes like strawberries and baby powder without the baby powder scent. It glides on smooth, and used with the feather tickler , is simply delicious ,sexy, and silky. Not to mention ticklish. It comes with a beautiful silk drawstring pouch with a handle attached on the inside making it a wrist bag, or a "however you might want to hang this" bag.

The aphrodisiac oil is my favorite also, and it WARMS when you breath on it. And the taste is good, not too bitter an aftertaste (Of all the flavored things I've been privileged to review, they do have a little bit of a aftertaste). Smell and taste are both very nice, also like strawberries.

And now, the handmade feather tickler. Real feathers make up this tool of tickling delight. And don't be fooled by the fragile appearance of the feathers. I tugged, and tugged, and even wiggled( very little) the feathers about while tugging, and these babies stayed put, no falling feathers or anything. ( Just don't pull the feathers from side to side, and then try to pull them out. They will come out then).
This kit is listed under the sensual love/ kits. If you go all the way to the bottom of the page, you'll see it.

I really like Shunga's product line. Visually, as well as physically. And it is brought to you by

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