Trouble at School Reversible Costume by DreamGirl/ ( EdenFantasys seller)


 The Trouble At School Reversible Costume by DreamGirl looks AWESOME!!!....... I wish I had the money to buy this.......After getting my new computer I have noticed that EdenFantasys has gotten a few new items in stock, like more bath and beauty items, and more cute n' sexy lingerie too......(currently out of stock, check back soon )

This costume looks like it( everything except the hose and the shoes  has a lot of stuff to it, from the Ponytail holders to the reversible skirt. I would really love to have this.

The Edenfantasys website has a new design....I at first, had trouble finding the assignment page because of the different layout, but then...there it was, in the upper right corner..a tiny little box that said Assignment.  I like the new layout. I think it is easier to get to what you want.

Lets say you wanted sex toys for women. All you have to do is go to their website and ....a couple of inches from the top of the page, there is a bar that toys, sexy lingerie, beauty and body,..etc..... go to sex toys, and a drop down menu will appear ( another new feature that wasn't there 6 months ago) another list, but the one you want is at the top that says for women. Choose that one and you will be redirected to the appropriate page.

so, lots to see and do that's new at Edens. Check them out and see.

Become a goddess wearing sexy and erotic lingerie from EdenFantasys


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