Sheer white Halter and thong set from

I am so totally sorry for not getting this out on time...6 months ago my computer crashed on me and I just recently got a new, on to the review

Sheer White Halter top and Thong

(I have just noticed that the item is sold out)

Well, where to start?... the Halter top is white and see-through. It is made of polyester and has three beautiful bows on the top( or I should say, on the ties.) It makes me feel naughty and beautiful at the same time. It has elastic running in the middle of the back and is stretchy for those who are larger in the chest area.

(Notice the delicate flowers at the throat)

The front is open and looks like an upside-down v that starts out as a point near the throat/chest area, and splits in half with one side running down one breast and the other side running down the other breast. Its very sexy and NOT an item to wear outside the bedroom, unless you like being accosted by the police for indecent exposure( I was trying to be funny). And, also, it is more see through than what the model shows.

The top can be worn with a bra on or without a bra on. It says sleep-ware but the stitching on the pretty pink flowers wont hold up to it. When I got mine one of the flowers had come off of it and I had to sew it back on. It wasn't hard, but i suggest using white thread( I used black. I know black thread on white fabric, ha ha) to sew the flowers on.

The thong...This has one of those super cute flowers too, only it is in the back, which makes it very sexy, and in my opinion...super cute..Although, I do wish it was in the front.

Very nice item.I am so Very glad I had the chance to review. As always, for more great products, go to The Adult Toy Shoppe..


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