Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Its been a while...

hey all you good peoples out there...

been a really long time since I blogged for myself

my erricca is currently on medication, 5 mg of adderall?started on Sunday, so lets see by next Sunday if there is any changes...the people who know her will understand, and no... i am not doing this because i don't wish to deal with her...it is because it is getting increasingly difficult to ( .....Sorry to interrupt, but Gen's Brain has vanished suddenly and will return soon)....I have some cool giveaways coming up, like yoreganics, and crazy dog, and in a month i will do their sister site, nachomamastees.com


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adult Toy Shoppe... Sexy School Girl Costume/Outfit

A while ago, I did a review for one of Adult Toy Shoppe's products, the Blue G-spot Vibe... They have let me do another review. It is on their Sexy school Girl Costume/Outfit.

"Give him the ultimate fantasy...".

And you will with this naughty Two-Piece from Adult Toy Shoppe and Magic Silk...

( I apologize if i get this wrong, but i think that magic silk is the one who designed the item, and Adult Toy Shoppe is the one who sells it?)

"Give him the ultimate fantasy, you're the young slutty schoolgirl that wants to make all the men love you, and there is only 1 way you know how! Tempt and tease with this super fun role play at a budget price."

Personally, I love the the idea of dressing up sensually for your partner. It is super fun for both of you and brings you close together. It makes lovemaking much more enjoyable.

I believe that the act of lovemaking is so much more than sexual gratification.It is about spiritual bonding as well.With Role-Playing costumes( like the school girl outfit) and games, you get to be able to do that.

The top is made out of Lycra, and the bottoms are a pink, micro-mini paid thing that doesn't reach further than the curve of my gluteus maximus( to just below my butt).

This outfit does not come with, shoes, Pom-Pom ponytail holders, or Stockings.( They do sell stockings, but the outfit didn't come with them)

I felt cool, and sexy while wearing this.

So, another great item, from Adult Toy Shoppe.

the category for this item is in: Lingerie section

glee gum giveaway winner

ok, the winner for the glee gum giveaway is......

Meet The Browns

thank you all for entering, and don't forget to enter my other contests.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

my lip stuff winner

my lip stuff winner

congratulations cass....and thank you all who entered

Thursday, July 15, 2010

the asuka love pillow widget thingy

product picture
Female love doll by California Exotic
Material: Plastic / TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I am so sorry it took me this long to get a winner for my lip stuff...

( since i have not heard back from katybaby I unfortunatly have to pick another winner.)

ok the winner is


Thank you all for entering, and if you guys didnt already know, i have a giveaway for the coveryourhair.com review, you might want to check that out

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I contacted the Joy of Soap a few weeks ago and asked them if I could do a review on a few of their products. They sent me 3 half-bar samples, in Gardenia Goosebumps, Feeling Frisky, and Kiss Me Kiwi.

( a picture only, not what I actually got)

First of all, the smells are awesome, but not overpowering. I love the smells, they are so very nice...

"Also, we will offer all of your readers a 15% discount in our online store through july 31st. To recieve this discount, just enter this coupon: 1277398451 in the Coupon Code box in the check out screen"

Gardenia Goosebumps smells like gardenia flowers. Kiss Me Kiwi smells like kiwi and a hint of sugar, and Feeling Frisky smells like oranges.

The ingredients for all the soaps are:

Water, Organic Olive Oil, Sodium Hydroxide (According to another website, Sodium Hydroxide is Lye, which reacts with something else. The reaction is called saponification, and that's what makes soap I think, hopefully I've read that right) Organic coconut oil, Organic palm oil, Castor oil.

The individual element particular to each bar is:

Feeling Frisky has Tangerine, Grapefruit, and Lime essential oils and canedula flower petals.

Gardenia Goosebumps has Gardenia fragrance and Soft Yellow Oxide.

Kiss Me Kiwi has Kiwi Fragrance Oil, and Chromium Oxide Green.

If you guys are worried about oxides, here is what one website had to say on the subject:

( The following article on soap coloring options was inspired by a reader's question concerning the differences between oxides, micas, ultramarines and colorants and when to use which one. The article was written by Anne-Marie Faiola.

Soap Coloring Options: Oxides, Micas, Ultramarines - What's the Difference?
by Anne-Marie Faiola
You're right, there are a lot of soap coloring options out there. I'll go over the most common and the pros and cons:

(1) Soap Pigments - oxides and ultramarines fall into this category. Pigments, like most colorants out there, do not fall into the natural category. They are manufactured in labs and have been since the 70s. Apparently, pigments (oxides and ultramarines) used to be mined but the FDA stepped in and demanded some purity so since then, those colorants have been manufactured in a lab - same molecular structure just a different way of processing. Some Iron Oxides are still extracted naturally; however, Iron oxides in nature (dirt) are often stuck with toxic metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, antimony and selenium (when they are in nature). This is why the FDA stepped in to regulate cosmetic colorants so the level of toxic metal present are present in such low concentrations that they are considered "safe." In fact, only synthetically prepared iron oxides are approved for use in cosmetics in this country. (Johnson, S.T. & Wordell, C.J. "Homeopathic and herbal medicine: Considerations for formulary evaluation," Formulary, 32, 1167, Nov. 1997. )

From teachsoap.com

so, i love the Joy of Soap, and want you to check it out, and also, check out their Twitter page, and their facebook page too



THEY HAVE LET ME DECIDE IF I WANT TO GIVE A (1) 40 DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE, OR (2) 20 DOLLAR CERTIFICATES, I really haven't decided yet..........Maybe I will make it a surprise.....They will email your certificate to you,

So, all of you readers, you know what to do,,,

First, check out their website, and tell me which soap you would like to try.

For extra entries:

Follow my blog
grab my button
"Like" them on facebook
follow them on twitter

So that means you need to leave me your email address(PLEASE, PLEASE) so I can email them with your email address so they can send your girft certificate in the email. Say That 5 Times Fast

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Love In The Time Of Dragons By Katie MacAlister

OK for all you bookie peoples out there, I have a novel that will make you drool...Its called Love In The Time of Dragons and its by Katie MacAlister. Her website is HERE.

OK, about a month ago, I entered a really cool website contest, where they were going to choose 50 people to review this book. I always enter a lot of things, but i never really expect to win............Boy was I delighted when Stephen( the guy from bookreporter.com) contacted me, saying i had been one of the 50 people to get to review the new book/novel from Katie MacAlister....I have to say, this book is right up my line of reading.

I love fantasy: Harry Potter, The last Dragonlord and the Dragon and the Phoenix, Love In The time Of Dragons, His Majesty's Dragon, Dragon Hour, The Unicorns Of Balinor, , the Rhapsody series, king Javan's Year, Twilight series, oh and the Redwall series with Lord Brocktree being my favorite next to Martin the warrior mouse..........

Basically its about a woman named Tully Sullivan( in this new life) who has been having very funny dreams....about someone shes never even met( or so she thinks)...and she has been blacking out at certain times of the month, and waking up with a whole room full of gold....well she meets some unusual people( who turn out to be DRAGONS) and finds out shes been sentenced to death for crimes of her dragonmate, Baltic.........

I absolutly love this book. its funny and it made me laugh out loud (and normally, i will laugh inside of my head). Never out loud. So I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars, for hilarity, and the fact that i could not put this book down for the life of me.....
You can find it on amazon, and probably elsewhere.........
Everyone who loves to read should give this book a look...trust me, you love it

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